The Dangers of Bingo

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Letís face it; bingo is hardly going to arouse a thrill-seeker into taking it up in attraction to its high risk stakes. Over sixties, playing bingo in a community hall does not seem to register withrepparttar seedy possibilities of a stake-out associated with poker for example. But do not be fooled. There are hazards torepparttar 125368 game of bingo and whilst they may be small and hardly worth deterring a player who enjoysrepparttar 125369 game socially and for fun, it may be interesting to know that there have been concerns overrepparttar 125370 game.

The UKís National Bingo Game Association recently announced that according to their study, people who have stressful careers tend to be more stressed and worked up when playing bingo than they are when dealing with stressful situations at their work. The result suggests that even people who are capable of dealing in highly stressful situations cannot resistrepparttar 125371 stress that a highly charged game of bingo can cause. It isrepparttar 125372 anxiety of being so close to winning that can drive peopleís excitement higher and higher and therefore their disappointment is greater and greater if they lose. You think that you have just one number left, you must be so close now and it is easy to lose sight ofrepparttar 125373 fact that by this stage there are probably quite a few others inrepparttar 125374 exact same position as you are.

More worrying thanrepparttar 125375 stress however isrepparttar 125376 violence that has been associated with bingo. Although rare, cases have occurred and because a high percentage of players tend to be single females, their vulnerability becomes very apparent. Many have pointed to online bingo asrepparttar 125377 solution but others sayrepparttar 125378 risk is so small, it is hardly worth losingrepparttar 125379 social aspect ofrepparttar 125380 game and open oneself torepparttar 125381 risk of compulsive play onrepparttar 125382 internet.

A woman who won thousands playing bingo was recently shot inrepparttar 125383 stomach after refusing to hand money over to her assailants. The 39 year old won almost $6000 near to West Palm Beach. Upon refusing to hand over her money, she was shot throughrepparttar 125384 window of her car. Luckily she survived and was later treated in hospital, butrepparttar 125385 incident has prompted many to raise their voices overrepparttar 125386 concerns of gamblers leaving casinos or gambling halls with large amounts of money. Similar incidents have been reported in Europe and in some cases bingo halls (being less protected thanrepparttar 125387 wealthier casinos) have actually been held up.

Bingo Ė Good for the Mind?

Written by Online Bingo

When we think of bingo, genius and brainpower donít always spring to mind; these attributes have tended to be reserved for poker and other games of skill and luck. The image of a grandparent sitting in a community hall with a cup of tea and a card of bingo does not lend itself torepparttar intrigue of psychology and mental agility. However, according to a study byrepparttar 125367 University of Southamptonís Psychology Department, bingo may not berepparttar 125368 trivial pastime many would take it for. Researchers there insist that bingo keepsrepparttar 125369 mind sharp and equate this as especially important to people as they get older.

The tests conducted revealed that bingo players were more accurate and faster in tests that measured memory, mental speed and their ability to absorb information fromrepparttar 125370 environment around them, than those who did not playrepparttar 125371 game.

What seems to berepparttar 125372 key advantage torepparttar 125373 sustained playing of bingo isrepparttar 125374 concept of time. There is no doubt that games such as chess, poker and backgammon all stretchrepparttar 125375 mind and keeprepparttar 125376 brain functioning. Whereasrepparttar 125377 hand-eye coordination needed for bingo may not be as exhaustive as for other games,repparttar 125378 time constraint in which players must check their numbers is key torepparttar 125379 sustenance of mental agility.

The tests comprised of 112 people withinrepparttar 125380 age brackets of 18 to 40 and 60 to 82. Half of each set played bingo. The results concluded that all bingo players were more accurate and quicker than non-players. Interestingly, in certain tests,repparttar 125381 older players did better thanrepparttar 125382 younger players. More and more research is supportingrepparttar 125383 theory that a regular partaking of activities that exerciserepparttar 125384 mind is very beneficial torepparttar 125385 maintenance of optimum mental functioning as we get older.

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