The Danger Of Hate

Written by Kevin Quigley

The Danger Of Hate By Kevin Quigley

As you have shown an interest in starting a business of your own it would be safe to assume that you want to change your life. You want more money - more control over your life - more respect. But just as we each have a dream, we also have a reality.

Unfortunately for most people,repparttar reality bears no similarity whatsoever torepparttar 143013 dream. In many cases,repparttar 143014 dream exists as an escape fromrepparttar 143015 reality.

Think now of YOUR reality -repparttar 143016 life you lead every day. What do you do? How do you feel as you awake? Do you have any enthusiasm for your way of life? Do you enjoy your work, or are you on welfare? Then ask yourselfrepparttar 143017 important question: Do you resent having to live this way?

If you answer 'yes' to that question, then you are in danger of succumbing torepparttar 143018 most destructive human emotion - Hate.

If you haterepparttar 143019 life you live,repparttar 143020 people you deal with,repparttar 143021 actions you are forced to take, then you will find yourself rapidly rushing toward disaster. When you hate, you may as well be drunk! You no longer function in a creative manner. Your mind is geared toward destruction. Instead of aiming to create a new life for yourself and those you love, you will become obsessed withrepparttar 143022 act of revenge.

The more that you haterepparttar 143023 people and situations around you, repparttar 143024 more your mind becomes poisoned withrepparttar 143025 purpose of getting even. Logical thought becomes impossible and hate then becomes a substitute for action. You must learn NOW, to resistrepparttar 143026 urge to hate. It achieves nothing constructive and it will destroy both you and your dreams of success. As Ghandi said..."An eye for an eye just makesrepparttar 143027 whole world go blind."

Take a good look at your way of life. Do you always have to make do with what you have got, because you can't afford a replacement? Are you always having to put off paying bills until next week? Have you never enough money to enjoy yourself? Are you unhappy withrepparttar 143028 area in which you live?

You may find that you are regularly having to write a check on Monday and hope that you will be able to cover it by Thursday. Or you may just be sick ofrepparttar 143029 daily grind of early mornings, orrepparttar 143030 regular nightshift. If most of these apply to you,repparttar 143031 you probably hate living this way. So now make a POSITIVE effort to achieve success. Only through positive endevour and thought will you achieve your goal.

Which pink is the right shade for you?

Written by Janice

That shade of pink makes your best friend look stunning, but makes you look garish. The shade of pink that makes you look radiant makes her look all washed out.

That is due to your skin tone. Whether you have warm skin tones or cool skin tones, whether you suit deeper, brilliant colors or pastels. All that makes a difference inrepparttar shade of pink you should wear.

Find out your ideal pink by using a true blue scarve and a light blue scarve, a rich orange scarve and a peach scarve.

Drape each scarve, one at a time over your shoulders and look at yourself inrepparttar 142925 mirror. Which color makes you look your best?

If you look best in orange or peach, you have warm skin tones. That means you look best in peachy pinks and brownish pinks.

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