The Dancer's Secret -- A Short Horse Story

Written by Randall Holman

It was sunset. The wind rode onrepparttar sharp edges ofrepparttar 141091 mountains draggingrepparttar 141092 last bit of color away fromrepparttar 141093 darkening hills. In a small cradle of two hills lay a beautiful girl. Her hair was long and soft, and when it touchedrepparttar 141094 wind no other beauty could compare to it. She had a long face and brilliant searching brown eyes. Her feet were perfectly conformed, but were not like everybody else's who surrounded her. This girl's belly was not thin and it was not bulging, but was somewhere in between, and wasrepparttar 141095 perfect shape. She stood up. Her long hair covering her body like a coat. The wind pushed against her forehead, coolingrepparttar 141096 nearly invisible sweat.

Others gathered around her, watching her intently. She began to move in a slow, but upbeat rhythm. It grew very quiet. The others continued to look at her, and started to wonder why she had begun to dance whenrepparttar 141097 music hadn't started. The girl's curves moved back and forth and her hands danced their own dance around her stomach. Back and forth she moved untilrepparttar 141098 earth seemed to move andrepparttar 141099 mountains rumble. The grass quivered back and forth atrepparttar 141100 eerie silence. She stopped. The ring of quiet shadowed everyone's ears. The beautiful girl opened her mouth. A long sweet tone emerged from her lips. The gazing onlookers listened intently torepparttar 141101 wonderful sound. The girl dropped down to a very low pitch and then swerved back up like a bird that was getting too close torepparttar 141102 ground. She sang and sang as if she were pouring her inside beauty out torepparttar 141103 others. Her voice stopped, and once again silence covered everything.

The girl's body began to

Can Your Pet Be Really So Picky?

Written by Julia Imaeva

Most of pet owners know that their much loved four-legged members ofrepparttar family come with a lot of personality and unique, sometimes almost human-like behavior. For instance, my cat would act as a peacemaker when she smellsrepparttar 140975 human fight. If I become angry and start raising my voice duringrepparttar 140976 conversation with someone, she would just jump on my legs and slightly scratch me in an attempt to cool me off. I am sure that people can tell us plenty of such examples of interesting pet behavior. But do they realize that their pets can be very picky when it comes to choosing a new friend?

They do it using such criteria as smell, size, gender, age and even appearance. In fact, they can even discriminate other animals according torepparttar 140977 color ofrepparttar 140978 fur among other things, as I soon discovered about my new cat.

When I first brought home my jet black panther-looking cat Regina, I was so excited to have her in my house until I realized that she might feel lonely and need someone to play with her. So, I started to look around for a good match for her. I opened uprepparttar 140979 flier and foundrepparttar 140980 advertisement for “Very cute cat to good home” and responded to it. Naively assuming that all cats that are cute and mellow will get along just fine, I brought him home. Almost immediately upon bringing him home Regina jumped intorepparttar 140981 air with him screaming and hissing. I was surprised to findrepparttar 140982 ugly side of my otherwise calm and sweet cat’s nature and immediately knew this would not work out. Later there were more cats: a white one, gray one, even multicolored cats, different ages and genders – althoughrepparttar 140983 U.N. or Jesse Jackson would have been proud; it was alwaysrepparttar 140984 same story. Either they would fight or Regina would simply rejectrepparttar 140985 cat outright. I began to think that my unassuming cat was “racist” or maybe just a loner.

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