The Daily Show is a Must See on Comedy Central

Written by Kaitlin Carruth

The Daily Show on Comedy Central allows viewers to laugh and learn a bit about current events atrepparttar same time. This article coversrepparttar 138675 benefitsrepparttar 138676 Daily Show has to offer.

Doesn't it seem that today there is nothing but bleak reports to hear onrepparttar 138677 news? Watchingrepparttar 138678 news can give you a feeling thatrepparttar 138679 world is coming to an end. Hope can be found on Comedy Central by means of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Comedy Central features stand-up comedians, shows, and movies that are all meant to make you laugh until you can't breathe. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is one of Comedy Central's original programs and, in my opinion, a must-see show. The program offers an entertaining way to learn a bit about current news and political events. The following is some ofrepparttar 138680 features that make The Daily Show worth watching.

Anchor Jon Stewart is a Riot. Jon Stewart has had a long background in comedy as a standup comedian and also author of America: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction. He also has appeared in several movies such as Big Daddy and Half Baked (many of his movies are featured onrepparttar 138681 Comedy Central channel). Jon Stewart is a perfect fit for this comedic show with his great humor and large knowledge of politics.

Headlines that Cover Current Topics inrepparttar 138682 News. My personal favorite part ofrepparttar 138683 show is where Jon Stewart goes through today's headlines. In less than five minutes, Jon explains what has been happening most recently inrepparttar 138684 world while adding a twist of humor. His satirical commentary givesrepparttar 138685 viewer a chance to laugh about political and current events. Jon Stewart's headlines are informative and amusing.

Hilarious Election Coverage. The Daily Show's coverage ofrepparttar 138686 presidential election (known onrepparttar 138687 show as "Indecision 2004") not only keeps you informed onrepparttar 138688 current topics ofrepparttar 138689 election but also pokes a bit of fun atrepparttar 138690 candidates. As surprising as it is, according torepparttar 138691 National Annenberg Election Survey viewers of The Daily Show are more informed aboutrepparttar 138692 candidate's platforms than people who watch television news or read newspapers. While some may want to turn to CNN to get election coverage, it seems thatrepparttar 138693 channel they should really be turning to is Comedy Central.

Got an Idea for a Movie? It's a Swift Path to Success

Written by John Hart

You've seen one or two bad movies in your time, right? And you've told your date, "I could do better than that." Your instincts are probably right.

You already know Hollywood seems locked into makingrepparttar same tired, old plots, over and over. But you have an idea for a better movie rolling around inside your brain. Well, here's opportunity knocking.

A former Hollywood executive is willing to make your screenplay into a movie if you'rerepparttar 138648 winner of a winner-take-all competition. John Hart, former vice-president for BrightStar Productions, has founded an independent studio in Oregon, a state that is now known as "Hollywood North," and he's ready to makerepparttar 138649 winning idea into a movie.

The competition is called MakeMyScreenplay and it'srepparttar 138650 only one of its kind. The winner gets his or her script made into a feature-length movie, and here'srepparttar 138651 best part:repparttar 138652 winner also gets fifty-percent (50%) of all revenue generated from theatrical, televison, and DVD sales.

What kind of money are we talking about here?

Well, "Blair Witch Project," a low-budget independent movie, made outside of Hollywood, grossed $140,530,114 dollars inrepparttar 138653 U.S., according torepparttar 138654 Internet Movie Database. Another recent independent hit also made outside of Hollywood, "Napoleon Dynamite," grossed $44,540,956 inrepparttar 138655 U.S.

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