The Cycle of Windows Life.

Written by Michael List

As with all creatures, Windows GUIís (Graphic User Interface) runningrepparttar Windows 9x operating system, including Windows ME, has a life cycle.

If your computer is setup correctly and you donít regularly add and remove components or programs,the Windows life cycle usually will last about three years. You will know when Windows is fading byrepparttar 107794 signs it gives you. The most common isrepparttar 107795 GPF (General Protection Fault), you will see this from time to time while using programs in Windows, you know,repparttar 107796 errors that come up telling you that something has caused an illegal operation and although you have a couple of options, you still wind up usingrepparttar 107797 infamous Ctr-Alt-Del soft boot to rectifyrepparttar 107798 problem.

This is whatís happening: Time and usage takes its toll on your computers hardware and software. Windows9x/Me is no exception. Each time you add and remove components and/or software Windows has to make massive changes to itself. This includes rearranging files, adding and deleting dynamic linking files and hundreds of other changes. Over time even Windows starts getting Alzheimerís disease. Fortunately there is a cure.

Windows has a number of programs built-in that can increaserepparttar 107799 longevity of your system. The most important of these is SCANDISK, you can run scandisk by clicking on START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES,

My Top 10 Favorite Internet Tools

Written by Jim Edwards

When you make your living onrepparttar Internet, you can sometimes forget thatrepparttar 107793 tools and resources you take for granted might rate an incredible discovery to someone who doesn't already know they exist.

Whether they help you save time, save money, or avoid frustration, these tools and services rate my highest recommendation for just plain making life easier, faster and cheaper.

1. Short Keys - Available free at, Short Keys allows you to create shortcut keys to cut down on repetitive typing tasks. I absolutely love this program because ofrepparttar 107794 amount of time it saves me every single day.

2. Good Keywords - Available free at, Good Keywords enables you to condense hours of keyword research into a few seconds. Find outrepparttar 107795 top keywords your target audience searches for so you can put your advertising dollars inrepparttar 107796 right spot to catchrepparttar 107797 biggest fish.

3. Mail Washer - Available free at, this program enables you to spot and delete spam and viruses before downloading them to your computer. With so much spam clogging my email in-box, I couldn't survive any more without this program!

4. ClickBank - If you sell a downloadable product such as an ebook, report, or software, you can't beat clickbank for processing credit card payments. Not only do they takerepparttar 107798 payments and send you a check twice a month, they also plug your product into an existing network of thousands of affiliates who can sell it for you.

5. - Cheap, reliable, easy to use domain name registrar that only charges $8.95 per year for each domain name you register. Godaddy rates cheaper and just as, if not more, reliable than any other domain registrar.

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