The Cybermagic of Whitelists

Written by Niall Roche

Before we start getting deep intorepparttar meat of this article it's important to explain some standard terminology to make surerepparttar 109549 rest of this article makes sense.

*An IP address is a number which identifies your location onrepparttar 109550 Internet.

*A blacklist is a list of IP addresses which your antispam software uses to block incoming spam.

*A whitelist isrepparttar 109551 exact opposite of a blacklist.

A whitelist is a predefined list of IP addresses that are allowed to send email to and receive email from each other. Blacklists exclude known and suspected spammers. Whitelists can be used to exclude everyone except known IP addresses.

Think of it like this. A whitelist is a like having a phonebook which is owned by a small group of people who only wish to speak directly to each other. They don't want just anybody ringing them. Not only that butrepparttar 109552 entire group need to approve new phone numbers before they appear in this exclusive phonebook.

To send email to a whitelist you must be approved byrepparttar 109553 owner ofrepparttar 109554 whitelist. This is a lot likerepparttar 109555 double optin systems used by legimiate ezines and mailing list owners. Whitelists arerepparttar 109556 nightclub bouncers ofrepparttar 109557 virtual world - if you ain't onrepparttar 109558 list you ain't getting in. Simple but very effective.

How To Stop Unwanted Emails!

Written by Copyrights 2004 by Doyle Beitz

This is down to earth, no nonsense, justrepparttar facts type of information. What arerepparttar 109548 benefits that you gain by reading my article. Anyone using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook express runsrepparttar 109549 risk of infection if they userepparttar 109550 preview pane which most people do.

Virtually anyone with up to date anti virus protection software foundrepparttar 109551 virus relatively easy to stop beforerepparttar 109552 virus infected their system, however dealing with a virus is highly inconvenient and a waste of time.

Every time you get an infected email you will have to stop and clean it up. I finally got tired and decided to look for a program that would let me check my email before I even downloaded it through my regular email program, Outlook express. I was in search of an email checker program that I could use to stop viruses and emails before they got downloaded to my computer. I chooserepparttar 109553 MailWasher Pro as I have multiple email accounts to check.

So I went to my favorite search engine to look for a free program that would let me preview my email on my mail server without downloadingrepparttar 109554 actual email message.

After doing my research I discovered a program called MailWasher Pro they have a free program, which allows you to checkrepparttar 109555 headers in your email inbox before downloading to your computer.

You can see who sentrepparttar 109556 email,repparttar 109557 subject line (which is a spam tip off),repparttar 109558 size ofrepparttar 109559 email with any attachments, and date.

Now this solution won't apply in every situation (no solution can guarantee this) but it helped me out this time.

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