The Cult Of the Slender - Utterly Absurd!

Written by Christiane Beerlandt

HEALTH Good in Your Skin Invited byrepparttar Albertville Health Group, Christiane Beerlandt came from Ostend to explain at lengthrepparttar 137455 psychological and emotional origins ofrepparttar 137456 most important diseases and symptoms that can strike us. She underlinedrepparttar 137457 deeper meaning of earthly life and, especially, our self-healing powers. One has never seen an elephant swinging by a frail liana, no more than a monkey dragging a heavy load! This image could summarize — a little irreverently, however —repparttar 137458 words of Christiane Beerlandt. She wrote several books inrepparttar 137459 field of psychology, health, nutrition, philosophy, and wellness. “Not going against nature, being and staying yourself, stout or thin, always good in your skin.” Last Tuesday evening, atrepparttar 137460 “Val des Roses” Theater, Christiane Beerlandt spoke in her mother tongue, Dutch. Her words were faithfully translated by her husband, Dr. Dirk Lippens. Christiane Beerlandt is endowed with an extraordinary talent enabling her to consciously draw information from her deep source of wisdom. This isrepparttar 137461 case, among others, in one of her books, entitled “The Key to Self-Liberation — 1000 Diseases and their Psychological Origins,” which has become a standard reference work for laymen as well as for doctors. She does not base herself on any existing work or on external observation of diseases or sick persons. “Happenings, phenomena, or diseases that occur in our lives don’t come up abruptly. They don’t happen by coincidence, they are not sent to us by some power or some god.” We have to look forrepparttar 137462 causes in ourselves. We attract everything ourselves, energetically. Every happening or phenomenon in our lives isrepparttar 137463 expression of something taking place on an underlying level: in our psyches, in our emotional lives, inrepparttar 137464 realm of our convictions and expectations. In this way,repparttar 137465 human being creates his own life andrepparttar 137466 happenings in his life, good or bad. All this mostly takes place on an unconscious level; this explainsrepparttar 137467 fact that most people say it “just” happens to them time and again. “In fact, we are not aware that everything is linked energetically, thatrepparttar 137468 human being constantly creates his own reality in accordance with his expectations and psychological state. Therefore, we can look in ourselves to findrepparttar 137469 deeper causes of certain unpleasant things that happen to us, and undertake to solve them.” The Cult of Slenderness: Utterly Absurd! Fatalism will only play a role in our lives as long as we believe in it. According torepparttar 137470 speaker, illnesses are like signals: “Always ask yourself ‘why,’ and then makerepparttar 137471 necessary adjustments on your path.” However, it’srepparttar 137472 author’s opinion that there aren’t any specific techniques required to do this.

Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #2

Written by Tami Close

Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss

Welcome to lesson #2. First of all, I believe that gratitude is so important in everyday life. With this in mind, I am in awe atrepparttar response for this ezine and I want to thank you for trustingrepparttar 137423 process and believing in yourself. When I woke uprepparttar 137424 next day after setting this up and sawrepparttar 137425 number of people who subscribed, I broke down in tears. I owe everything I have created to God. He led me to do this and through Him I will help you. I am here to berepparttar 137426 light for you to know that you already possessrepparttar 137427 wholeness within. We have several layers that we will be uncovering. You will then be able to make new choices in your quest for weight loss and be putting daily plans for yourself in place. You will be amazed atrepparttar 137428 difference. My intention is that you get results!

As we proceed through each lesson, I will be reviewing some ofrepparttar 137429 content inrepparttar 137430 previous lessons as well to recap. Hey, it doesn’t hurt for you to hear information over and over again, does it? Remember it takes 21 days to create a habit. In lesson #1, we discussed how everything is made up of energy. Your thoughts are pure energy. Whatever you put out, is what you will get back. The Law of Attraction is set up and will manifest those things in your life which you attract with your thoughts. Changing your thoughts will be your greatest challenge. It was for me and it took daily effort to do so. When you look at your life currently, what have you attracted with your thoughts? If you’re overweight, then what do you believe about yourself? If you believed that you could actually lose weight, these thoughts would have been released intorepparttar 137431 Universe to produce a completely different response.

I mentioned previously Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, and in it she talks about how anger isrepparttar 137432 core issue of weight issues. Now, did you do your homework assignment? The homework assignment was to write down those people in your life who you’re angry with and remember you can include yourself. You were also supposed to write down what they did that made you angry.

For me, I didn’t feel love from either parent, but I had such a special bond with my father so I held on to his energy in a more devastating way in my body. My father died when I was fourteen, and there’s an entire story behind that one in an e-book, Close Kept Secrets to Overcoming Illness. I felt responsible for his life and for his death and that book will detail everything about how I attracted a horrific illness because I carried so much negative energy in me relating to childhood. With this in mind, I carried anger at not feeling loved and havingrepparttar 137433 childhood I believed I deserved.

Okay, ready to release that anger? First, I want to explainrepparttar 137434 process. As an integrative body therapist, I work with clients face-to-face or overrepparttar 137435 telephone to help release their pain using Rapid Eye Technology and Emotional Freedom Techniques. Energy is energy and can be utilized all overrepparttar 137436 world. I did hear from a subscriber that she felt tingly all over after this process so it does work. We’re on this journey together being supported by God. It is similar to prayer energy—the person doesn’t have to be right there in order to see that prayer works.

What is Rapid Eye Technology (RET)? It’s a technology which was developed to help release pain and trauma so that a person can experience love and joy on a deeper level. It stimulatesrepparttar 137437 Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep cycle, a natural release process. Your eyes flutter when you are in REM sleep similar to watching a baby sleep and this is whererepparttar 137438 release process takes place. How many of you have experienced waking up inrepparttar 137439 middle ofrepparttar 137440 night remembering that you were supposed to do something? This is your brain at work for you while you sleep. Well, in RET, you’re awake and you’re processing and releasing your stuff. There’s also guided imagery, charka clearing, affirmations and life skills which are part of this process as well. RET is great for balancing left and right brains becauserepparttar 137441 left brain has to know why whereasrepparttar 137442 right brain seesrepparttar 137443 positive/spiritual aspect ofrepparttar 137444 world. In addition, we’ll be using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). The premise of this technique is that when one experiences a negative emotion like anger, there is a disruption inrepparttar 137445 body’s energy system resulting in various symptoms. EFT is similar to acupuncture withoutrepparttar 137446 needles.

When I work with clients, we go through six to twelve sessions. Depending uponrepparttar 137447 amount of stuff one is carrying will determine how longrepparttar 137448 duration ofrepparttar 137449 sessions so just keep this in mind. The results are absolutely amazing asrepparttar 137450 person feels lighter after releasing.

I do have to mention a Disclaimer now as you might be triggered by these processes. I know, I know! Disclaimers are part of our lives now.

Here it is:

You understand these ezine sessions(s) are forrepparttar 137451 purpose of weight loss, stress reduction and personal growth and you take full responsibility for them. This is not a substitute for medical examinations and/or diagnosis by physicians. You agree to holdrepparttar 137452 therapist completely harmless from any and all problems that might arise as a result of these ezine sessions.

Okay, we have that out ofrepparttar 137453 way. Now let’s proceed.

These processes addressrepparttar 137454 underlying cause of most weight issues—the need to tranquilize with foodrepparttar 137455 anxiety which is felt by you with unresolved emotional issues. Until one’s underlying issue is dealt with,repparttar 137456 need to overeat will continue. This is why many weight loss programs fail overrepparttar 137457 long term. People may lose weight using them but sincerepparttar 137458 underlying emotional issue is still there,repparttar 137459 need to medicate feelings through food will ever be present. It has been my experience in working with people who are overweight thatrepparttar 137460 underlying emotion has to be released in order for new choices to be made; otherwise they will just revert back.

Right now, sit back and think about your anger. Judge where you are on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 beingrepparttar 137461 highest) with your anger that we spoke about earlier—who you’re mad at and why. Now, if you’re not feeling anger, then identify if it’s sadness, guilt or shame.

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