The Craps Underground - A Review

Written by Thomas Morgan aka The Irishsetter

"Scoblete's new book depictsrepparttar real world of dice influencing about as accurately as Hogan's Heroes depicted life in a World War II German POW camp."

That was my initial impression of Scoblete's new book which I posted onrepparttar 116288 message board a few weeks back. Now I've had a chance to re-readrepparttar 116289 book a couple of times and fully digest it. Fortunately, I acquired one ofrepparttar 116290 pre-release copies ofrepparttar 116291 book, gratis. I would have had a SERIOUS case of buyers remorse had I actually paid $24.95 for this 315 page hard cover dog.

My complete review follows.

I read a lot. I spend an hour and a half each work day on a train, so I go through books quickly. In my library, I have probably 40 to 50 books on craps specifically or gambling in general. In allrepparttar 116292 gambling books I've read, I can unequivocally say that no matter how poorly written or conceivedrepparttar 116293 book was, I've always found some redeeming quality inrepparttar 116294 book. The Craps Underground isrepparttar 116295 exception. If a good gambling book is like a delicious filet mignon, this book is more akin torepparttar 116296 stuff they feed people onrepparttar 116297 TV show, Fear Factor.

Let's start withrepparttar 116298 ENTIRE title ofrepparttar 116299 book. The Craps Underground - The Inside Story of How Dice Controllers Are Winning Millions fromrepparttar 116300 Casinos. Pure, unadulterated hype. For arguments sake, we'll assume that "Millions" means something more than one or two million, ten million would be a reasonable starting point, and it's at least implied that it also means millions in net profit. Last spring, Frank Scoblete estimated that there are fewer than 200 skilled "dice controllers" operating inrepparttar 116301 US. By doing a little division, that would mean on average, those 200 dice "controllers" are taking down $50,000 in profits, each. Except for a few rather well bankrolled shooters, there is no evidence thatrepparttar 116302 average dice controller is showing that kind of profit. Yes, many dice influencers are consistently profitable butrepparttar 116303 title alone, and I'll repeat myself here, is unadulterated hype.

So, now let's get intorepparttar 116304 book a bit. Chapter one opens with Scoblete having a marathon winning session withrepparttar 116305 dicecoach, Beau Parker. Here's how Scoblete describesrepparttar 116306 session withrepparttar 116307 dicecoach,

" glorious hours shooting dice with a fellow dice controller and newfound friend known asrepparttar 116308 'Bodacious One,' Beau Parker."

This session, and these warm expressions of friendship forrepparttar 116309 dicecoach occurred just a few months prior torepparttar 116310 formation of GTC. I'll get back to that later.

Let's dive a little further into this drivel. Inrepparttar 116311 early chapters, we get to hear Scoblete wax poetically about "the Captain," again. Yawn.... hasn't he beaten that horse to death yet? Then he introduces various future members ofrepparttar 116312 GTC organization. Apparently, these guys never lose! Or if they do happen to have a poor session, it is quickly followed by a miraculous comeback. AMAZING! There are a couple of chapters on "The Lee Brothers." These two chapters are almost engaging. Except for one thing. OF COURSE "The Lee Brothers" coincidentally have read all of Scoblete's books, and religiously play likerepparttar 116313 captain. Subtle as a freight train, that Scoblete.

There's a chapter onrepparttar 116314 Las Vegas Craps Festival which I participated in. Scoblete briefly mentions me here, and he certainly hadrepparttar 116315 opportunity to take some shots at me if he wanted to. Surprisingly he didn't though, for whatever reason. However, he did misrepresent what I discussed that day. Here's what he had to say about me.

"Irishsetter has strong opinions."

Well, he got THAT part right but later went on to say,

"In fact, Irishsetter made a strong pitch that people shouldn't be paying or charging to learn dice control, that allrepparttar 116316 information should be free."

In all actuality, I said nothing ofrepparttar 116317 sort. The gist of my discussion was twofold. One, that aspiring dice influencers should learn as much as possible for free, or as cheaply as they can, and two, that there is no one single correct philosophy on how to set, grip and throwrepparttar 116318 dice. My opinion today is no different. If you're interested, I have an article on which goes further into my discussion that day called, The "Missing" Tape - The Article. My guess is that givenrepparttar 116319 opportunity, Scoblete didn't want to take any obvious shots at me, but instead chose to misrepresent my discussion in an attempt to embarrass me since I do occasionally participate in seminars. What IS missing inrepparttar 116320 book, is what Scoblete talked about that day. One ofrepparttar 116321 major points of his discussion was that dice influencers would soon begin to experiencerepparttar 116322 kind of heat that card counters get if they didn't go "underground." It seems Scoblete had a change of heart. Either that, or his definition of going "underground" is hyping dice influencing in books, holding seminars in casinos, and advertising dice control onrepparttar 116323 radio and in newspapers and magazines.

Blah, blah, blah. Several chapters not even worth mentioning.

OK, what's next. Scoblete raids Jerry Patterson's PARR organization of most ofrepparttar 116324 coaching staff and Golden Touch Craps is born. Despiterepparttar 116325 fact that I'm intimately knowledgeable about many ofrepparttar 116326 personalities involved here, these chapters are about as interesting as watching hibernating bears. I have to give Scoblete credit though. He mentions his GTC staff and as many hangers on inrepparttar 116327 GTC periphery as often as possible. Why? Becauserepparttar 116328 average Joe will think it's really "neat" that Frank Scoblete put them in his book. Pathetic? Yes. But, those folks inrepparttar 116329 periphery will go out on, buy multiple copies ofrepparttar 116330 book, and write a glowing review so their friends will buy it and see their names in print. Oh Boy!

Rabbit Coat Colour Genetics

Written by Sarah Giers

Genetics are what make a rabbit, or any living organism, lookrepparttar way it does. It makes a rabbit be a certain size, be a certain colour, have a certain type of coat or ears, and more. This introduction, however, is just forrepparttar 116287 genetics concerningrepparttar 116288 coat colours of rabbits. Chromosomes and Genes

Chromosomes are strands of DNA that act as a map. They map out exactly howrepparttar 116289 rabbit will look. In each cell, inot includingrepparttar 116290 sex cells and red blood cells, a rabbit has 22 chromosomes. Each one of these pairs controls a different thing aboutrepparttar 116291 rabbit. For example, one might controlrepparttar 116292 rabbits gender, some control colour, others control fur. Each chromosome pair has two genes in it. These genes may berepparttar 116293 same, or they might be different, but there are always two (unless there is a genetic mutation, but we will not discuss that here). For example, a rabbit might have two genes for blue eyes. Conversely, a rabbit might have one gene for red eyes, and one gene for brown eyes.

If a rabbit has two ofrepparttar 116294 same type of genes in a certain chromosome pair, it is referred to as being homozygous for that particular gene. If it has two different genes in a certain chromosome pair, it is referred to as being heterozygous.

If a rabbit is heterozygous, one ofrepparttar 116295 genes is usually stronger thanrepparttar 116296 other. That means thatrepparttar 116297 stronger gene will berepparttar 116298 one to causerepparttar 116299 effect nrepparttar 116300 rabbit, andrepparttar 116301 weaker one will just hide, though it can still be passed on torepparttar 116302 rabbit's offspring. Stonger genes are referred to as being dominant, and weaker genes are called recessive. For example, if a rabbit had one gene for red eyes and one gene for brown eyes,repparttar 116303 rabbit would have brown eyes becauserepparttar 116304 gene for brown eyes is dominant torepparttar 116305 gene for red eyes. For a rabbit to have red eyes, it would have to be homozygous for red eyes, sincerepparttar 116306 gene for red eyes isrepparttar 116307 most recessive.

Sometimes certain genes are not really stronger or weaker than another. These genes are referred to as being incompletely dominant to each other. This means if two different genes that were incompletely dominant to each other were inrepparttar 116308 same rabbit,repparttar 116309 rabbit would have traits from both genes. In flowers, and example of an incompletely dominant gene can be found when you breed a white flower and a red flower and you get a pink flower.

Colour Genes

Each variety of rabbits requires many genes in order to lookrepparttar 116310 way they look. Certain genes are related, and they are all found onrepparttar 116311 same are ofrepparttar 116312 DNA strand. These groups of genes are called loci, or locus if it is just one.

You may have seen some genetics stuff written with a bunch of ABC's and other letters. Well, those are how various loci and genes are written. Genes have their own alphabet. Whenrepparttar 116313 "letters" ofrepparttar 116314 genetics alphabet are all put together, it is referred to asrepparttar 116315 rabbit's genotype. This is basically a list of allrepparttar 116316 colour genes that rabbit has, or at leastrepparttar 116317 ones that are important to understanding that particular variety.


The first "letter" inrepparttar 116318 genetics alphabet is "A." This determinesrepparttar 116319 basic pattern ofrepparttar 116320 rabbit. The genes are as follows:

A: Agouti Pattern - These rabbits have tan, white, or fawn markings onrepparttar 116321 belly, underside ofrepparttar 116322 tail, inside ofrepparttar 116323 feet and legs, insiderepparttar 116324 ears and nostrils, aroundrepparttar 116325 eyes, and inrepparttar 116326 shape of a triangle atrepparttar 116327 nape ofrepparttar 116328 neck. Onrepparttar 116329 body,repparttar 116330 fur has rings of different colours when you blow intorepparttar 116331 coat.

a(t): Tan Pattern - Like agouti pattern, these rabbits have tan, white, or fawn markings onrepparttar 116332 belly, underside ofrepparttar 116333 tail, inside ofrepparttar 116334 feet and legs, insiderepparttar 116335 ears and nostrils, aroundrepparttar 116336 eyes, and inrepparttar 116337 shape of a triangle atrepparttar 116338 nape ofrepparttar 116339 neck. However,repparttar 116340 body does not haverepparttar 116341 different colour rings when you blow intorepparttar 116342 coat.

a: Self Pattern - Each hair is a solid colour, and there are no tan, white, or fawn markings.


"B" isrepparttar 116343 next "letter". This "letter" tellsrepparttar 116344 rabbit how intenserepparttar 116345 colour ofrepparttar 116346 fur is. The genes are as follows:

B: Black - The rabbit is black based, meaningrepparttar 116347 base colour is black or blue.

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