The Cost of FREE is Not FREE

Written by Patricia Deere Ring

Everyone onrepparttar Internet has something to give you for FREE! But in truth,repparttar 113281 cost is not really FREE.

My ezine goes out to my subscribers for FREE, but I want them to pay for it by telling others about it, helping me get new subscribers, placing their ads with me, and generally helping me develop a business that will support my husband and myself.

Allrepparttar 113282 FREE affiliate programs that are onrepparttar 113283 market, some of which are good and some not so good, do require payment. You have to market these programs, spending hours sometimes onrepparttar 113284 web sending out announcements and ads.

There are probably thousands of FREE ebooks available to people who want them. FREE? No. You have to download them, either to your computer or a disk. Some are gifts for buying other products. They cost something.

FREE articles for content are certainly not FREE. Someone had to spend time researching, writing, and distributing those articles.

These items may be FREE to you, but somewhere, someone had to pay something for them - whether money, time, energy, or thought - they were paid for by someone!

Is Free Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

Written by Richard Lowe

There's something aboutrepparttar word "free". I mean, it's very attractive and for some reason many of us think that "free" also means "quality" and "desirable" and, of course, "get it now". That's one reason why you see free stuff all overrepparttar 113280 web.

Of course, giving away free services and goods has been a way to get people into a store (or to a web site) for countless ages. I'm sure that way back inrepparttar 113281 Roman times they gave away free bread or trinkets to get people hook people in, just like web sites do now. But onrepparttar 113282 web "free" seems to have been taken to ludicrous extremes. it seems that everyone wants it for "free". A web site has to offer something, anything, for free to get people to visit. There are entire companies who are entirely devoted to giving away free things. Even such giants as "Yahoo" are almost entirely based uponrepparttar 113283 concept of free giveaways.

Now that Yahoo has announced that it will start charging for auctions,repparttar 113284 question begs: "is free a thing ofrepparttar 113285 past?" Will other sites start charging for things that, outside ofrepparttar 113286 internet, they would normally charge for?

Personally, I don't think this is going to happen. One thing that makesrepparttar 113287 internet different from anything we have experienced inrepparttar 113288 past is it's vastness. Someone who is surfingrepparttar 113289 internet literally has billions (and in a half dozen years more like trillions) of choices.

Onrepparttar 113290 internet there is no such thing as unique - at least not for long. How can there be? With so many people (over 300 million last time I looked), there is such an explosion of creativeness that there is going to be overlap and similarities everywhere.

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