The Conversation!

Written by Frank Reilly


BASED ON A TRUE STORY.   The following is an enactment of a conversation between two men in 21st century America. Names have been changed to protectrepparttar guilty.    THE PLAYERS... Curt is a main stream American evangelical Christian, active in his Church, "on fire" forrepparttar 143707 Lord, and educated in his faith byrepparttar 143708 mainstream Church in America today. He goes to Sunday school classes, attends Church every Sunday, and is considered a good Christian man.  He has three children, all boys, and a beautiful wife who shares all of his spiritual convictions. He is a very well to do man, who runs his own business, spending approximately 60-70 hours each week atrepparttar 143709 office, and even spends 10-12 hours at home each week on his Computer and onrepparttar 143710 phone, working out business details, he is a hard working man.

Jacob is a Christian as well, who has experiences withrepparttar 143711 Lord ranging back as far as three decades. He was once very active in his Church, and had a ministry torepparttar 143712 youth, with a strong emphasis on personal evangelism. He has however, withinrepparttar 143713 last two years, returned from a long hiatus from Church attendance, and his fellow Christians look at him with skepticism and concern, assuming that his spiritual life is hanging inrepparttar 143714 balance of so many years away fromrepparttar 143715 Church. He has a job, and is happily married with one Child, also a Boy. Jacob spends many hours each week readingrepparttar 143716 word and praying, and has never left his faith behind, in fact does not even really have an explanation as to why he stopped attending Church. Recently, realizing how long he has been out, he returns torepparttar 143717 Church to enjoyrepparttar 143718 fellowship he once enjoyed there.


Returning to church feels good to Jacob. He missesrepparttar 143719 fellowship, andrepparttar 143720 warm feeling of security he receives from being a member. He decides to joinrepparttar 143721 Men's Bible study, which occurs each Wednesday evening, for additional fellowship withrepparttar 143722 same men he used to fellowship with back when he attended regularly.  Althoughrepparttar 143723 Bible study topic isrepparttar 143724 book of Romans, due torepparttar 143725 recent attacks on American soil,repparttar 143726 Bible study leader (who is Curt), feels led to discuss current events in order to teach what he believes to be a proper world view forrepparttar 143727 Men attending this study. He gives a heartfelt speech aboutrepparttar 143728 need for justice forrepparttar 143729 thousands that were killed that day, He talks about howrepparttar 143730 terrorists need to be eradicated fromrepparttar 143731 earth, and that it is our Christian duty to supportrepparttar 143732 President in his foreign policies, and that it is against God to be in opposition torepparttar 143733 war in Iraq. He talks about how America is a holy nation, and that God is withrepparttar 143734 US in its doings. He endsrepparttar 143735 Bible study with a prayer rebuking those who opposerepparttar 143736 war, those who opposerepparttar 143737 President, and prays that God will continue to bless America as he always has.

Reconstructionism + Dominionism = Warfare Theology!

Written by Frank Reilly

Doctrines Of Devils?

Overrepparttar last couple of months we have been examining a couple ofrepparttar 143706 belief systems that are currently circulating inrepparttar 143707 21st Century Christian Church, particularlyrepparttar 143708 ones withrepparttar 143709 headings of Reconstructionist Theology, and also one that is called Dominionist Theology. Although those who believe these systems of thought do not necessarily call them by these names, this is whatrepparttar 143710 beliefs I will describe here are. I wish to examine what these beliefs entail, and what can happen in an involuntary combination of these beliefs, which we see today on a huge scale inrepparttar 143711 Christian Church, as signified byrepparttar 143712 title of this article.    The Christian Church believes that atrepparttar 143713 close ofrepparttar 143714 age, prior torepparttar 143715 coming ofrepparttar 143716 Lord, that Satan and his principalities will mount a full frontal assault onrepparttar 143717 Church of Jesus Christ, and will make his final bid to bring them into perdition. We have always known that these deceptions will be aimed NOT AT THE WORLD, CULTS, OR FALSE RELIGIONS, but atrepparttar 143718 true Church of Jesus Christ. We also know fromrepparttar 143719 scriptures, inrepparttar 143720 warnings ofrepparttar 143721 Apostle Paul, that these assaults will be onrepparttar 143722 doctrines ofrepparttar 143723 Church, and onrepparttar 143724 beliefs of Christians.

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