The Confidence Walk

Written by Sherri L. Dodd

A couple months back, inrepparttar midst of my chaotic holiday shopping excursion, I decided to take refuge in a pleasant nook ofrepparttar 130332 mall. While gathering my thoughts, I was presented withrepparttar 130333 resonance of a confident woman. Her black leather heeled boots well preceded her appearance. Once in view, I would guess she was mid-fifties, dressed in form fitting jeans and a flashy, collared blouse. Her boots allowed a couple extra inches on her 5’2” height. She came and went in a flurry withrepparttar 130334 other holiday shoppers, but her essence lingered on beyondrepparttar 130335 completion of my rest period. I wondered what beliefs in herself did this woman have to carry herself such an assured manner.

Out of curiosity, how do you feel when you see another woman walking confidently past you? I am sure that you have had privy to a similar scene – she is taking long strides with her shoulders back and chin up as she strolls on downrepparttar 130336 way. Sometimes you may think she is attractive (but don’t want to admit it), other times you may think ‘whatrepparttar 130337 heck is she so proud of?’ Does it ever irritate you that another woman might think that she is…as my little sister says…”All That”?

Confidence in one’s appearance does not equate to vanity, nor does it equate to being condescending or arrogant. In fact, confidence is something that we, as moms and aging women, should all indulge in on a frequent basis. When we learn to look into ourselves to find what is right with us, we will begin to findrepparttar 130338 same steadfast gait within ourselves. Instead of becoming irritated with those who exude confidence, we will begin to relate torepparttar 130339 feeling. To reiterate a popular cliché, when our faces are towardrepparttar 130340 sunshine, we will not seerepparttar 130341 shadows. This can be likened to finding happiness within ourselves instead of pointing shameful fingers at unsuspecting passer-bys.

Building confidence can start with achievement. When wasrepparttar 130342 last time you made a goal and stuck to it? I would like to believe that nearrepparttar 130343 top of your list isrepparttar 130344 ideal of being fit and healthy. Let’s take this one and run with it. When I wrote Mom Looks Great, I wantedrepparttar 130345 moms who participated inrepparttar 130346 fitness program to haverepparttar 130347 option of this same confident walk as well as many other benefits uponrepparttar 130348 completion of Phase III, if not throughoutrepparttar 130349 entire process and well intorepparttar 130350 maintenance stage. I wantedrepparttar 130351 reader’s kids to notice that their Mom looks great! I wanted ‘dad’ or ‘significant other’ to acknowledge - “Yeah…Mom does looks great!” So what aside fromrepparttar 130352 body does that “looks great” phrase entail?

Looking great is alsorepparttar 130353 spirit within you that transcends your superficial flesh. It is your aura, your charisma and your soul. This is why exercise and nutrition play such a vital role in helping you achieve your goal of looking great. When you begin a healthy fitness program you begin to look great even beforerepparttar 130354 weight drops andrepparttar 130355 muscles tone. When you live this lifestyle,repparttar 130356 changes began almost immediately! You will begin to sleep better at night (diminishing dark circles underrepparttar 130357 eyes), you will have more energy inrepparttar 130358 following days (gone arerepparttar 130359 tired grimaces when someone initiates movement) and deep inside your brain,repparttar 130360 endorphins are throwing a jubilant celebration (therein lies your improved moods). This is also what ‘looks great’ has to offer. The resulting weight loss and muscle tonality will come, but long after you already have a shine to your skin and a feel-good smile on your face. Even in these early stages people will begin to notice.

Women’s Guide: Friends to let go!

Written by Kenia Morales

Real friends are hard to find but once you find them they can bring so much joy in to your life. However, not everyone can be that special confidant. Just like other relationships it takes two parties to make it work and I am sure that you must know at least one person that instead of bringing light in to your being consumes your energy and time. Here are some people you should steer clear from:

Liar, Liar- Just likerepparttar Jim Carey movie where he playedrepparttar 130329 part of a lawyer that was accustomed to lying on regular basis; well according to your friend her life is perfect. Her husband isrepparttar 130330 most romantic man inrepparttar 130331 World, her kids arerepparttar 130332 smartest, and she makes more money than any one you know. Oh! Did you hear she has a mansion but, rather live in an apartment. Yeah Right! You can stick around but allrepparttar 130333 lying gets annoying.

Racer – Have you tried taking a course, develop a new interest? Then, you find out you friend is also interested inrepparttar 130334 same area. At first you feel flattered and support her but, later you find out she’s opposing you by hinting how much better she is or talented than you. Little did you know you were competing against her! A little challenge can be motivating but people should be able to relax around their friends.

Copy Cathy – You and your friend are a perfect match haverepparttar 130335 same taste in clothes, food etc. but, you find out it is too much once she starts repeating your own word. I do not know many people that would like to have a clone.

Needy Nina – Sure friendship is all about being there for each other in times of need. However, if you can predict that your friend will need a favor from you AGAIN; then chances are she might be taking advantage of you. We all have our own problems and should take care of them accordingly. It may sound harsh but, true.

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