The Conclusion to the Rapture

Written by Michael Bradley


If there is going to be a Rapture, I believe that God will rapture His believers off of this earth sometime beforerepparttar start ofrepparttar 140595 7 year Tribulation. I donít think He will wait torepparttar 140596 midpoint ofrepparttar 140597 Tribulation whererepparttar 140598 Antichrist seats himself inrepparttar 140599 Temple proclaiming himself to be God and then starts allrepparttar 140600 persecution.

I feelrepparttar 140601 Antichrist will be fully revealed torepparttar 140602 world atrepparttar 140603 beginning ofrepparttar 140604 7 year Tribulation when he enters into a peace treaty and covenant with Israel, and then allows them to start rebuilding their Temple so that he can eventually get into it atrepparttar 140605 midpoint ofrepparttar 140606 Tribulation to proclaim himself to be God.

And rememberrepparttar 140607 very first verse above, thatrepparttar 140608 Antichrist cannot be revealed until "He" is taken out ofrepparttar 140609 way. And when "He" is taken out ofrepparttar 140610 way, thenrepparttar 140611 Antichrist can be fully revealed torepparttar 140612 rest ofrepparttar 140613 world. And "He" in my opinion may berepparttar 140614 Church orrepparttar 140615 Body of Believers that are living atrepparttar 140616 time of these events.

The other reason I thinkrepparttar 140617 Rapture will occur sometime beforerepparttar 140618 start ofrepparttar 140619 7 year Tribulation is thatrepparttar 140620 Antichrist is going to need some time to set things up. Oncerepparttar 140621 Church is taken out, he will be free to start operating at full scale. The first thing he is going to do is convince and persuaderepparttar 140622 rest ofrepparttar 140623 world to follow him and I feel he will do that by trickery and deception. If he startsrepparttar 140624 persecution too early on those who will not take his mark, he will risk not being able to gain full control of everything.

I feel he will first suck everyone in by peace and diplomacy andrepparttar 140625 promise of a better world. Then once he has enough ofrepparttar 140626 nations on his side andrepparttar 140627 Jewish Temple is once more rebuilt, that will berepparttar 140628 time that He will then go for all ofrepparttar 140629 marbles. He will seat himself inrepparttar 140630 temple atrepparttar 140631 midpoint ofrepparttar 140632 Tribulation, proclaim himself to be God, kill anyone who will not accept his mark, and will then seek total world domination and control. Think about this. This one man, throughrepparttar 140633 power of Satan, will get a chance to have more power and control overrepparttar 140634 entire world than any other man has ever had duringrepparttar 140635 entire course of our human history. This will berepparttar 140636 ultimate ego trip for a power hungry human being.

I think thatrepparttar 140637 last three and half years ofrepparttar 140638 Tribulation is going to berepparttar 140639 last and final history lesson from God to us. Withrepparttar 140640 Church being taken out ofrepparttar 140641 way so Satan andrepparttar 140642 Antichrist can operate at full force, I feel that God is going to show all of us how much terror, death and destruction humans and demons are capable of committing if given halfrepparttar 140643 chance without God directly intervening.

In three and half years, Satan andrepparttar 140644 Antichrist are going to cause so much death and destruction on this earth, that Jesus Himself says that had these days not been shortened by Godrepparttar 140645 Father Himself - that no flesh would have been saved! I really feel that Satan, if he knew he hadrepparttar 140646 chance, would set uprepparttar 140647 entire scenario withrepparttar 140648 Antichrist to destroyrepparttar 140649 entire world through nuclear weaponry.

A Scriptural Look At Sin

Written by Stephen Kingery

Torepparttar Christian,repparttar 140583 subject of sin should be one of interest - not forrepparttar 140584 benefits or pleasures of it, but rather what it can do to hinderrepparttar 140585 Christian walk. Every church "worth its salt" should be preaching against sin and teaching its members to avoidrepparttar 140586 pitfalls that result in one wallowing inrepparttar 140587 mire created by sin. But is it enough to just be taught to avoid sin? I don't think so! We, as Christians, must also understand sin and what it can do to us. So, what is sin? I have heard it preached that sin is "missingrepparttar 140588 mark." In other words, "the mark" being that kind of behavior which we might describe as perfection. Therefore, when we fail to reach perfection, we have sinned. If that isrepparttar 140589 case then we sin a multitude of times each day. The analogy used here is one of a marksman (perhaps with a bow & arrow) aiming forrepparttar 140590 bulls eye or "the mark." When he shoots and does not hitrepparttar 140591 bulls eye he misses "the mark." So therefore (the analogy), when one does not hit what he aims at (perfection), he is sinning. I think thatrepparttar 140592 assumption made here is that all Christians aim for perfection. I personally do not likerepparttar 140593 above analogy of sin being simply "missingrepparttar 140594 mark." There is some truth torepparttar 140595 analogy however, if we are really aiming for perfection - as we should be. But I also feel thatrepparttar 140596 analogy fails to take into consideration that most "sin" is far from merely "missingrepparttar 140597 mark." Sin is terrible and we must continuously strive to avoid it. So, again, what is sin? Well, first of all, sin isrepparttar 140598 breaking of God's law. "Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness." (1 John 3:4) Anytime we do not abide byrepparttar 140599 law of God orrepparttar 140600 commands of Christ we are sinning. Please don't get confused byrepparttar 140601 teaching that we (Christians) do not come underrepparttar 140602 law. The "law" (or our obeying of it) will not be used to determinerepparttar 140603 state of our salvation. Christ died for our sins, and as such we have been given forgiveness for them. However, we are still expected to obeyrepparttar 140604 laws and commands which are applicable underrepparttar 140605 New Testament. When we fail to obeyrepparttar 140606 laws and commands, we sin. These failures can be intentional or unintentional, but nonetheless they are sin. Sin is also a failure to dorepparttar 140607 good that we know we should. "Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin." (James 4:17) Is there a single one of us who have devoted our lives to following Christ that could not find "good" to be done all around us? How about supporting those inrepparttar 140608 missions field? How about feedingrepparttar 140609 hungry and clothingrepparttar 140610 needy? How about reaching out torepparttar 140611 multitude of lost in our communities? How about reaching out a loving hand to a brother or sister in Christ who is having a problem or tragedy in their life? The list goes on and on. There is much good that can be done and we should be about our Father's business and doing it. Sin isrepparttar 140612 attitude of desiring to do evil andrepparttar 140613 inclination or intention of carrying it out. "He who plots to do evil will be called a schemer. The devising of foolishness is sin, andrepparttar 140614 scoffer is an abomination to men." (Proverbs 24:8,9) In our society today we hear about various people who are extremely evil in their nature,repparttar 140615 serial killer for example. This is evil torepparttar 140616 very bone. Is this sin? Yes! I know that no person who claims Jesus as their Lord and Savior would be guilty of plotting such lawlessness. However, when we talk about sin, this too fitsrepparttar 140617 definition. Rather than plotting to do evil, Christians may be more likely to fall intorepparttar 140618 trap of inappropriate attitudes. Being arrogant, selfrighteous, proud and so forth is also a sin. "Haughty eyes, and a proud heart,repparttar 140619 lamp ofrepparttar 140620 wicked, are sin!" (Proverbs 21:4 NIV) These kinds of attitudes are also sin. It may indeed be true that someone may really not want to have these attitudes and may be striving to overcome them. If this is so, then when they fall back into those attitudes occasionally, they could be said to have "missedrepparttar 140621 mark." However, if we are a person who has these attitudes and don't take steps to correct our behavior, then we are intentionally sinning; not just merely "missingrepparttar 140622 mark." To sum it all up in our short discussion of what sin is, we can just say that anytime we do not dorepparttar 140623 right thing for all concerned, it is sin. "All unrighteousness is sin. . ." (1 John 5:17) Who is there among us - either Christian or non-Christian - that has not sinned? We all knowrepparttar 140624 answer to that question. No one! I have known many dear people in my life that seem to be good Christian people and I have admired them for their faith in Christ. However, if we were to takerepparttar 140625 most righteous person we know, that person has sinned! Just look at whatrepparttar 140626 Bible has to say concerning those of us who have sinned: "For all have sinned and fall short ofrepparttar 140627 glory of God," (Romans 3:23); "There is none righteous, no, not one" (Romans 3:10); "Butrepparttar 140628 Scripture has confirmed all under sin" (Galatians 3:22); "If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, andrepparttar 140629 truth is not in us." (1 John 1:8).

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