The Communal Sharing of Enchantment

Written by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

When I think aboutrepparttar communal sharing of Enchantment, I go back to an earlier longing, which was to know people aroundrepparttar 126247 world. As a child, I yearned to have pen pals everywhere. People are so fascinating and different and yet in so many ways we share parallel experiences. I always wished to know how people live aroundrepparttar 126248 world. I fantasize, even to this day, living each month in a different locale and being part of a new world.

Once, we rented an apartment in London for a month, when our daughter was four. This came close to fulfilling my longings. I shopped for daily foods in new places, we sat in a different garden at night, and we used new babysitters. I took long pleasant baths in an old, yet comfortable tub and further lost myself in adventure by reading an Agatha Cristy mystery novel as I relaxed. And duringrepparttar 126249 day we went to allrepparttar 126250 museums we could find, constantly eating ice cream cones for replenishment. I truly felt refreshed when we returned to New Jersey.

Since that time, my longing for knowing and sharing with people aroundrepparttar 126251 world has been partly satisfied in a way I never could have dreamed of, even when we took that trip to London. When my first book came out, published by an academic press, I did not realize until it happened that I would be sharing my book aroundrepparttar 126252 world. Their mailing list was extensive and asrepparttar 126253 book circulars circulated as well asrepparttar 126254 book itself, I found myself in a new type of travel. This was a kind of 'mind' travel. THE ENCHANTED SELF - A Positive Therapy, was my new messenger!

I kept havingrepparttar 126255 delight of sharing positive energy with people who were writing to me from aroundrepparttar 126256 world. I found a letter could cheer me, inspire me, and convince me that it was and is worth struggling to strive for what is positive in life.

Eight simple anger management tips

Written by David Leonhardt

"The other night I ate at a real family restaurant. Every table had an argument going." One ofrepparttar biggest obstacles to personal and career success is anger. When we fail to control our anger, we suffer several blows:

-Anger impedes our ability to be happy, because anger and happiness are incompatible. -Anger sends marriages and other family relationships off-course. -Anger means lost business, because it destroys relationships. -Anger also means losing business that you could have won in a more gracious mood. -Anger leads to increased stress (ironic, since stress often increases anger). -We make mistakes when we are angry, because anger makes it harder to process information.

People are beginning to wake up torepparttar 126246 dangers of anger andrepparttar 126247 need for anger management programs and strategies. Many people find anger easy to control. Yes, they do get angry. Everybody does. But some people find anger easier to manage than others. More people need to develop anger management skills.

For those who have a tough time controlling their anger, an anger management plan might help. Think of this as your emotional control class, and try these self-help anger management tips:

Ask yourself this question: "Willrepparttar 126248 object of my anger matter ten years from now?" Chances are, you will see things from a calmer perspective.

Ask yourself: "What isrepparttar 126249 worst consequence ofrepparttar 126250 object of my anger?" If someone cut in front of you atrepparttar 126251 book store check-out, you will probably find that three minutes is not such a big deal.

Imagine yourself doingrepparttar 126252 same thing. Come on, admit that you sometimes cut in front of another driver, too ... sometimes by accident. Do you get angry at yourself?

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