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Written by Reecy Aresty

Many parents and students I counsel confuse Early Admission, Early Read, Early Decision, Early Action and Early Notification. How these andrepparttar other admission strategies listed below are used, will determinerepparttar 139060 course ofrepparttar 139061 student’s college years. Understanding them is an absolute must!

Early Admission: Typically,repparttar 139062 student applies to college atrepparttar 139063 beginning ofrepparttar 139064 junior year and simply goes throughrepparttar 139065 process earlier. However, Early Admission is seldom used as it only applies torepparttar 139066 most exceptional students who complete all high school requirements prior torepparttar 139067 12th grade, or even earlier. Although it is not binding, I strongly recommend thatrepparttar 139068 student demonstrate a college level of social and emotional maturity before implementing this strategy. Schools often get into a bidding contest to recruitrepparttar 139069 truly exceptional student, some offering full scholarships forrepparttar 139070 privilege of having such an accomplished student on their campus! Nonetheless, use with extreme caution!

Early Read: A number of colleges will offer to calculate a family’s EFC, (the expected family contribution;repparttar 139071 minimum amount determined byrepparttar 139072 federal government that a family will pay at any college for each student). This is done without obligatingrepparttar 139073 student to apply to their school. Simply send them all your financial information atrepparttar 139074 beginning ofrepparttar 139075 12th grade! Sounds like a good deal, right? Wrong! Wherever possible, keeprepparttar 139076 schools andrepparttar 139077 federal government out of your wallet! Ifrepparttar 139078 student eventually decides to apply to that school,repparttar 139079 aid offer has already been predetermined. Surely, you wouldn’t feel comfortable havingrepparttar 139080 IRS calculate your taxes, so why would you have a college determine your EFC? Avoid this at all costs! Failure to heed this advice will result in paying thousands more than you had to for a college education!

Early Decision: This is a program with earlier deadlines and notification dates thanrepparttar 139081 regular decision process. Students who apply for an Early Decision program commit to attending that school and only that school. This is a binding contract restrictingrepparttar 139082 student to that one school. Once accepted,repparttar 139083 student must notify all other schools applied to and request that their application be withdrawn. There is however, an upside. If money is not an issue, andrepparttar 139084 family will not be applying for financial aid, Early Decision is highly recommended, because it will giverepparttar 139085 student a decisive advantage inrepparttar 139086 admissions process! Onrepparttar 139087 other hand, if financial aid is an issue,repparttar 139088 danger is thatrepparttar 139089 student must attend that college regardless ofrepparttar 139090 financial aid offered! While Early Decision adds some leverage to being accepted,repparttar 139091 financial consequences can be devastating becauserepparttar 139092 student must acceptrepparttar 139093 school’s financial aid package no matter how inadequate it might be! I only recommend Early Decision under very specific circumstances. Also, if you change your mind, rescinding an Early Decision acceptance doesn’t sit well withrepparttar 139094 schools. This option should only be used with extreme caution.

Tips On College Selection

Written by Reecy Aresty

It is highly recommended that early inrepparttar college selection process, parents and student(s) visit some schools to determine if they’ll be suitable. The criteria that must be considered before any college is applied to include:

•Average GPA, SAT I, class rank for acceptance •The school should offer enough choices inrepparttar 139059 eventrepparttar 139060 student changes their major •Size, location, Greeks, religious affiliation •Percentage of freshmen that return for year two •Percentage of freshmen that graduate in four years •Percentage of financial need met •Percentage of gift aid/self-help awarded •On or off campus job opportunities •Meal plans and dietary situations met •Name recognition •Student/teacher ratio •Average class size, semester or trimester •Percentage of professors who teach and percentage of teaching assistants •2 or 4-year college or university •Co-ed dorms •Freshman cars permitted •Handicap accessibility •Cost ofrepparttar 139061 sheepskin

It is also recommended that you determine ifrepparttar 139062 school uses a need-blind or need-sensitive admissions policy. Need-blind is a practice whererepparttar 139063 student is evaluated without any regard to family income or assets. Need-sensitive is a shameful policy used by a host of elite schools such as Duke, Emory and Stanford. These schools will admit a less than qualified rich kid in anticipation of a large contribution to their own endowment funds. In essence,repparttar 139064 wealthy family has bought an admission ticket to a school where their student might never have otherwise been accepted!

It’s anyone’s guess how many other schools enrich their coffers in this deceitful, unprincipled manner. Duke has even been brazenly open about this policy, and I find it curious that shortly after reaching their $2 billion fund raising goal in 2003, they reduced their freshman acceptance percentage from 7.5% to 4%. The words of Former U.S. Representative Shirley Chisholm (D-NY) come to mind here, “When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses.”

Parents and student(s) should makerepparttar 139065 official unofficial visit to potential schools no later thanrepparttar 139066 10th grade. Colleges are always impressed when a 9th or 10th grader pays a visit. By keeping in touch with officials you’ve met, in essence, you will have added points to both your GPA and SAT I scores by establishing a rapport. Whenrepparttar 139067 time comes, administrators will be able to associate a face with your application. This helps a merely qualified student become a far more acceptable one.

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