The Cloning Debate

Written by Peter Kennedy

Cloning isrepparttar process of creating an exact copy ofrepparttar 148635 original, and recently, “cloning” refers torepparttar 148636 replication of living humans and animals. Somatic cell nuclear transfer, asrepparttar 148637 process is called, involves removingrepparttar 148638 nucleus from an egg cell and replacing it withrepparttar 148639 nucleus from a cell ofrepparttar 148640 organism to be cloned.

Inrepparttar 148641 past few years, advances have been made in both human and animal cloning. Scottish scientists famously cloned a sheep, and British scientists reportedly cloned a human embryo that survived for five days. Cloning is an extremely controversial subject that forces society to examinerepparttar 148642 proper limits of man’s control over life.

In 1997, Scottish scientists famously produced a female sheep, “Dolly,” usingrepparttar 148643 process of reproductive cloning. Since that time, other scientists have cloned other species, including cows and rabbits. Most recently, scientists are attempting to reproduce humans through cloning.

President Bush andrepparttar 148644 Republican party are strongly in opposition to human cloning. Conservatively tend to believe that life is a creation, “not a commodity,” and that human cloning would have a disastrous impact onrepparttar 148645 American moral fabric. In 2002, Congress introduced a bill that would ban human cloning in all forms, imposing a prison sentence and multi-million dollar fine on anyone who attempted human cloning. (The Ban on Human Cloning Act has yet to be passed.)

Right, Right Back At Ya!

Written by The Indy Voice

I've decided that this liberal needs to start throwingrepparttar same crap at conservatives that they're slinging at us. Yes, I am going to sink to their level because they're winning.

Conservative jackass: We are winning in Iraq andrepparttar 148634 unsuccessful attacks in London prove thatrepparttar 148635 terrorists are weakened because of it. Indy: People as dumb as you should not be allowed to breathe.

Honestly, how can anyone have a rational argument with a conservative who is so irrational as to question your motivations, patriotism, manhood or intelligence every time they disagree with you. The next time I'm asked a ludicrous and simple minded question or hear a completely ridiculous statement by one of these ignorant morons I'm going to throw it right back at them.

Conservative dunderhead: The attacks in London are what happens when you don't respond with enough military force. Indy: Why do you supportrepparttar 148636 terrorists and hate America?

I'm tired of going out and buying books and talking to different people who are close torepparttar 148637 heart of different issues to find out what they think and know. From now on I'm going to let my uninformed opinion run free onrepparttar 148638 open range ofrepparttar 148639 ridiculous. The Indy Voice will no longer reference some "definitive book onrepparttar 148640 subject," an expert or worse of all, some "fact". From now on I am going to be driving downrepparttar 148641 crooked conservative road where dribbling and allowing opinion to skewrepparttar 148642 facts is not only allowed but encouraged.

Conservative idiot: The British, because they are by and large a group of liberal pansies, are not going to respond to these attacks and they're probably going to get hit again. Indy: Does your momma know that you're a fascist pig?

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