The Cliché of Balance

Written by Amyn Lalji

The world we are living in is changing at a fast pace. Never before inrepparttar history of mankind that change was so enormous and rapid. This roller coaster ride of change is affecting every aspect of our lives. From relationship to work, fromrepparttar 144764 pursuit of happiness torepparttar 144765 quest for spirituality. Some authors have called it a Future Shock, others have called it Mega Trends, but whateverrepparttar 144766 tag you give, it is there.

In spite ofrepparttar 144767 massive change what is interesting to note isrepparttar 144768 emergence of a substantial amount of new thinking and awareness about who we are as human being? What makes us click? What is our real nature? How do we relate to others both in our personal and in professional lives? No time in history can be more significant thanrepparttar 144769 present to re look at our lives and how we relate to it. One ofrepparttar 144770 aspects of today’s fast paced life is our involvement with work. Looking at work and life more closely reveals what I callrepparttar 144771 need of a balanced approach. Butrepparttar 144772 question is what balance means to us in today’s changing times? Clearly, we can all define balance in many ways but most of all today’s time has given us an opportunity to create a definition of Balance of our own.


Written by Bob Curtis

Without getting intorepparttar core basics of philosophy, I will make a few statements about Happiness. Happiness is probablyrepparttar 144763 most sought after emotion, andrepparttar 144764 hardest to retain on an ongoing basis. We all can experience moments of joy that make us happy. I have found that I am most consistently happy when I am trying to help others to find happiness. The word “service” comes to mind. In our own relationships, we arerepparttar 144765 happiest when we are doing things for each other. And they don’t even need to be big or grandiose things. Just little things. Things like a simple compliment for a thoughtful act. A word about how dinner went so well. “How was your day?”...and then listen to what they say. It is being together when you are together., and wishing you were together when you are not. It is always praising your partner and never saying anything bad about your partner to anyone. It is encouraging one another to higher education. Encouragement to improve talents and skills and hobbies. Encouragement to follow one’s dreams. Dreams arerepparttar 144766 catalyst of real passion.

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