The Church Choir

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Church Choir: A church within a church, made up of many ofrepparttar church's finest leaders ...repparttar 126917 most likely place where a majority will bond together in friendship and unity, as they bond withrepparttar 126918 Lord.

In strengthening it's members,repparttar 126919 entire church is strengthened. And, as they become one in heart, soul, and purpose ... God has promised His Spirit indwelling.

The entire direction of a church can be changed through its' choir.

Dear Choir Members,

I want to write to you aboutrepparttar 126920 special abilities thatrepparttar 126921 Holy Spirit gives to each of you, for I don't want any misunderstanding about them.

You will remember that before you became choir members, you stayed at home during choir practice (watching TV). Not one of you were singing a single note. But now you are a meeting people who claim to sing messages fromrepparttar 126922 Spirit of God. How can you know whether they are singing for God or whether they are fakes? Here isrepparttar 126923 test: no one singing byrepparttar 126924 power ofrepparttar 126925 Spirit of God can curse Jesus, and no one can sing, "Jesus is Lord," and really mean it, unlessrepparttar 126926 Holy Spirit is helping him.

Now God gives us many kinds of special abilities, but it isrepparttar 126927 same Holy Spirit who isrepparttar 126928 source of them all. There are different kinds of service to God, but it isrepparttar 126929 same Lord we are serving. There are many ways in which God works in our lives, but it isrepparttar 126930 same God who doesrepparttar 126931 work in and through all of us who are His. The Holy Spirit displays God's power through each of us as a means of helpingrepparttar 126932 entire choir.

To somerepparttar 126933 Spirit givesrepparttar 126934 ability to sing soprano; others may be especially good at second or alto, and this is His gift fromrepparttar 126935 same Spirit. To some He gives a special solo talent, and to othersrepparttar 126936 power to harmonize. He gives powers for singing tenor, and to othersrepparttar 126937 power to sing bass. He gives someone elserepparttar 126938 power to select and direct our music - that it is reallyrepparttar 126939 Spirit of God who is singing. Still another person is able to operate our sound system, while others are givenrepparttar 126940 gift of playing musical instruments. It isrepparttar 126941 same and only Holy Spirit who gives us all these gifts and powers, deciding which each one of us should have.

The choir has many parts, butrepparttar 126942 many parts make up only one choir when they are all put together. So it is withrepparttar 126943 "choir" of Christ. Each of us is part ofrepparttar 126944 one choir of Christ. Some of us are sopranos or seconds, some are altos, some are tenors and some are bass. Butrepparttar 126945 Holy Spirit has fitted us all together into one choir. We have been chosen into Christ's choir byrepparttar 126946 one Spirit, and have all been givenrepparttar 126947 same Holy Spirit.

A Time for Every Season

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Thereís a time for every season, Sorrowing when death gives itsí call, A reality of living that Eventually come to all.

But, unless one dies to themselves, Itís a life never lived; A life with selfishness, A heart that never learned to give.

The things we held on to, We thought we couldnít live without; Wererepparttar very lies Satan fed us, To keep us trapped in deathís cloud.

For when we die torepparttar 126916 flesh And live byrepparttar 126917 MASTERíS rule, We find we never lost anything, But Satan; vicious and cruel.

The path to peace and victory is Godís will; Godís way, every time. Because, God is for you, knowing your need better than you know yourself and only He knows which path will meet it and defeat Satan.

The reasons we serve God graduaterepparttar 126918 more we come to know Him; for our safety and benefit, itís exciting to see what God wants to do next, His plan is better than ours, because we love Him, for who He is. With each step of obedience, we discover life more abundantly and a God who loves beyond measure.

As God ministers torepparttar 126919 soul; He replaces Satanís lies with truth, heals, sets us free, teaches about who He is (a process of restoring our innermost self to itsí original creation, separate from evil.) In so doing, God gives light torepparttar 126920 darkness within, gradually indwelling us Ö as, once we knowrepparttar 126921 truth, we choose Him.

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