The Chocolate Fountain - Chocolate Fondue Times Ten

Written by Anthony Tripodi

Does a waterfall of melted chocolate cascading down onto an awaiting strawberry sound appealing to you? Or have you ever wanted to serve chocolate fondue at your birthday, wedding or other catered event but didn't have 100 fondue pots to accommodate all of your guests? Well look no further,repparttar chocolate fountain is perfect for you.

A chocolate fountain takesrepparttar 142866 best of chocolate fondue and reworks it into a more crowd friendly form. Chocolate is heated up into liquid form and pours out ofrepparttar 142867 fountain in a beautiful display that's sure to attractrepparttar 142868 most attention atrepparttar 142869 dessert table. Usually there are two or three tiers torepparttar 142870 fountain that giverepparttar 142871 chocolate waterfallrepparttar 142872 shape of a multi-layered wedding cake. Guests choose a pre-cut dessert of their choice such as fruit, cakes, marshmallows or anything they can put on their fork and coat it by holding it inrepparttar 142873 chocolate flow for a moment.

A Background to Dietary Fiber

Written by Brian D. Johnston

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Fiber isrepparttar 142740 part ofrepparttar 142741 plant that is resistant to hydrolysis (A chemical decomposition in which a substance is split into simpler compounds byrepparttar 142742 addition orrepparttar 142743 taking up ofrepparttar 142744 elements of water) by human digestive enzymes and, withrepparttar 142745 exception of lignin, fibers are complex carbohydrates. These include pectin, gums, mucilages, hemicellulose, polysaccharides cellulose, and nonpolysaccharide lignins. Fibers are water-soluble except cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin, all of which form part of cell walls. Soluble fibers are sticky and combine with water to form gel-like substances. Pectin is a water-soluble fiber found in soft fruits and vegetables. Gums that are common food additives are also water-soluble, found in stems and seeds of some tropical plants. In general, fruits are higher in pectin and vegetables are higher in cellulose. Although cellulose and hemicellulose are not hydrolyzed, intestinal bacterial can digest some fiber to produce lipid fragments known as short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are absorbed inrepparttar 142746 colon and yield energy when metabolized.

Water Insoluble fibers pass throughrepparttar 142747 gastrointestinal track unchanged, absorbing up to 15 times their weight, important since they providerepparttar 142748 digestive tract with ‘bulk’ that helps facilitate food throughrepparttar 142749 intestines to be evacuated as solid waste; hence, fiber often is called "nature’s natural laxative". Cellulose’s ability to absorb water produces softer stools and regular bowel movements. Also, insoluble fiber may prevent colon and rectal cancer and help to control diverticulosis (A sac or pouch inrepparttar 142750 walls of a canal or organ [e.g., GI tract] that becomes inflamed and causes pain and stagnation of feces. Source: The American Dietetic Association's Complete Food & Nutrition Guide, p. 145). Water-soluble fiber, as found in beans, fruit, and oat bran lowers cholesterol by binding torepparttar 142751 cholesterol found in liver bile, to help control diabetes.

Overall, dietary fiber does not provide much nourishment torepparttar 142752 human diet because ofrepparttar 142753 inability to break down these carb sources for energy, yet reduces available kcalories by providing a sense of satiety and by absorbing some nutrients including fat. However, fiber also absorbs and eliminates essential fatty acids, food substances that are essential for good health and energy metabolism.

Also, dietary fiber may be a detoxifier since it binds with some toxic substances before elimination. But a diet extremely high in fiber is not a good idea since it impairs calcium, iron, and zinc absorption inrepparttar 142754 intestine.

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