The Centre of our Existence!

Written by Joseph Ghabi

The Centre of Our Existence!

Most of us have heard talk or have read something aboutrepparttar seven centers of energies that we refer to as Chakras. I do believe these are very important centres of our being in terms of our energy field, our aura, and most of all our own balance that can manifest into our physical body.

So what can we do about these energies and how can we balance these centres? You donít need a high level of schooling but perhaps only a few small tips that can enhance your association withrepparttar 122399 different levels of these Chakras.

These Chakras are usually associated with colors. Not simply to distinguish them, or identify them from each other, but because colors on their own play on our emotional psyche. I personally work with nine chakras instead of seven. I will go throughrepparttar 122400 nine charkas and explain their characteristics. The characteristics ofrepparttar 122401 Chakras, having worked with them for many years through my meditation and healing, are represented as follows: We will start fromrepparttar 122402 bottom up.

The Root Chakra isrepparttar 122403 first Chakra located onrepparttar 122404 base ofrepparttar 122405 spine, and its color is "Red" and its secondary color is "Black". Its characteristics are a grounding torepparttar 122406 earth plane existence in a body. It holdsrepparttar 122407 basic needs of stability, security, and survival. In our body, Root Chakra body parts includerepparttar 122408 hips, legs, rectum, kidneys, bones, colon, and lower back. Any red or black gemstones will help heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Garnet, Ruby as red, and smoky quartz and obsidian for black.

The Belly Chakra isrepparttar 122409 second Chakra located inrepparttar 122410 abdomen, and its color is "Orange". Its characteristics are our sexuality, self-esteem, our own personal power, and power ofrepparttar 122411 world. This Chakra accessesrepparttar 122412 lower level ofrepparttar 122413 emotional body and houses oneís unhealed inner child. Inner child here are whererepparttar 122414 images of both this life, and past life traumas, are stored. The ability to let go of old emotions is based in this Chakra. This is a very powerful chakra. In our body, Belly Chakra body parts includerepparttar 122415 ovaries, vagina, genitals, uterus, lumbar spine, kidneys, bladder, and large intestine. Any orange gemstones will heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Carnelian (help in pregnancy), and Coral.

The Solar Plexus Chakra isrepparttar 122416 third Chakra located inrepparttar 122417 stomach, and its color is "Yellow". Its characteristics arerepparttar 122418 conscious and rational mind. Our self-confidence, personal power, and intuition is manifested here. Business, math sense, and material learning ability are focused here as well as self-empowerment and our will. Our inner child as part of our Soul is housed there and that can help to bring us our survival tools. Solar Plexus body parts includerepparttar 122419 stomach, bladder, pancreas, small intestine, liver, and gall bladder. Any yellow gemstones will heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Citrine or Yellow Sapphire.

The Heart Chakra isrepparttar 122420 fourth Chakra located inrepparttar 122421 heart, and its color is either "Green" and as secondary color "Pink" pending onrepparttar 122422 persona state of mind. Pink will represent earthly love and thatrepparttar 122423 person is looking for love. Green is more universal and unconditional love for self and for humanity as a mean of compassion. Its characteristics are that it is very important to give and receive love. It is aboutrepparttar 122424 ability to love yourself and others. Heart Chakra body parts arerepparttar 122425 heart, circulatory system, lungs, shoulder andrepparttar 122426 upper back. Any color of pink or green gemstones will heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Modalvite and Malachite forrepparttar 122427 Green, and Pink Crystal Quartz and Kunzite forrepparttar 122428 Pink color.

The Secret of Creating Lasting Romance

Written by Michael Skowronski

Ahhh romanceÖ that elusive experience that comes and goes. When we have it we think it will last forever, when we donít we worry that it will never come again. It is an experience that so many crave yet have had so little of in their lives.

True romance feels good. It should not frighten you. If it does not feel good to you then you are confusing romance with allrepparttar bad things that happens in dysfunctional relationships.

Do you remember how good it feels when you begin falling in love with someone? The intensity of these good feelings come from our connection with our Source, from many spiritual beings, including our own Inner Being, radiating their enthusiasm and excitement that we have found our heartís desire. This is why they are so powerful.

Good feelings always result from being in alignment withrepparttar 122398 whole of our being and what we have been asking for. If you already have romance in your life, whether it is a new relationship or one that you have had for a while, you are in a very good place. Your dominant vibration is one of great happiness, great joy and great passion.

That means you have an incredible connection with your source. You should understand that this is responsible for many ofrepparttar 122399 other wonderful things that are falling into place in your life right now.

If you donít have romance in your life, but you want it, then you are going to have to bring yourself to that place. You are going to have to romance yourself. You are going to have to treat yourself wonderfully and give yourself love and nurturing and caring and bring yourself into a place of great joy and passion for life.

Who wants to be around a sourpuss? No one. Who wants to be around someone with misery in their life? Very few people want that. If they do want that in their life, do you want them in yours?

So you have to take care of yourself. Look after yourself. Nurture and love yourself, take yourself out to dinner. Buy yourself wonderful things. Look inrepparttar 122400 mirror and flirt with yourself. Challengerepparttar 122401 negative messages others have given you. Find things within you that contradict those negative messages. You need to feel loveable for someone to want to love you and for you to let it in.

If you are in a relationship now and it does not haverepparttar 122402 romance elements in it that you want or you want more from it, then you arerepparttar 122403 one who is going to have to create that. You are going to have to make yourself more available for that. You are going to have to treat yourself better so that you are in a better feeling place so that you are more attractive to your partner. And if this does not re-kindlerepparttar 122404 fire inrepparttar 122405 heart of your partner it will repel them and attract one that is better suited to who you are now.

Romance is about relationships and getting to know another person. It is aboutrepparttar 122406 discovery of your own beauty throughrepparttar 122407 eyes of an attentive other. Part of what makes it feel good, of what keeps you open to receiving, is your recognition of qualities that you appreciate in this other person. It is your focus onrepparttar 122408 beauty you find in them.

What makes Romance go bad? When does it stop feeling good and start feeling bad? When you discover and focus on things you do not like in this other person. These bad feelings are an indication that you are focused on something that you do not want. They are an indication that you are pinching off your connection with your life giving, energizing, All Knowing and All Seeing Source.

Does pinching off your Source sound like something you want to do? It is not because you or they have done something bad that you are cut off from your Source. It is your focus on what you do not wantrepparttar 122409 cuts you off from your Source.

This article is not intended to address how to deal withrepparttar 122410 dramatically abusive things that happen in some relationships. If you need that kind of help then please seek appropriate counseling. The concepts addressed here will help, but you will also need help understanding how so many ofrepparttar 122411 ideas that you hold about life keep you fromrepparttar 122412 happiness you seek.

Most relationships suffer from a break down in focus way before any ofrepparttar 122413 more serious problems occur. One event at a time each person notices something they donít like in their partner. Then they focus on it and make it a little bigger.

When you worry about something your partner did or does, and you tell others about how annoying it is, you are focusing your attention on it and you are shifting your vibration so that it matches those same unwanted behaviors. You are actually turning yourself into a magnet for more such experiences.

Not only that but if you are telling others about it you are probably setting up resentments in them towards your partner. So now there are two people holding negative energy towards your partner. Your friend may even begin to distance themselves from you because ofrepparttar 122414 negative energy they perceive that you are making them feel. Can you see how this would affect you? Can you see how this is not romantic energy you will be feeling, or even open to feeling if you are holding such thoughts in your mind? Can you see how this would affect your partner?

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