The Celebrity Factor--A Star is Born in Your Advertising

Written by Kahlia Hannah

As Americans, we are obsessed with celebrities. We know whorepparttar stars are dating, what their favorite foods are, and, thanks to MTV Cribs, we even knowrepparttar 101043 intimate details of their home decorating styles.

With our paparazzi-like fixations onrepparttar 101044 famous, it is no wonder ad campaigns involving celebrities are more successful than any other type of advertising. Michael Jordan says "Wear Hanes" and we do. Sarah Michelle Gellar says "Use Maybelline cosmetics" and we buyrepparttar 101045 lot. Even Carrot Top, considered by many to berepparttar 101046 most repulsive and annoying person ever to gracerepparttar 101047 screen, gets us to call AT&T.

So how do these fun facts help you in your advertising? Let me explain.

Unless you own Coca Cola, Pepsi, Verizon, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, you probably can't afford to lay down a cool million for celebrity advertising. Luckily, you don't have to.

One way to get a celebrity in your ads is to use local celebrities. This is a far cheaper, but still effective strategy to get your prospects' attention.

Try a popular DJ, news reporter, politician, social figure or merchant. Some of these people will jump atrepparttar 101048 chance to be in your ad. An offer of $50 or $100 dollars will usually dorepparttar 101049 trick

I am especially fond of using local DJs. We spend up to an hour or more in our cars each day listening to these characters, so we get a mental image of them locked in our heads. In most cases,repparttar 101050 DJ looks nothing like what you imagined. When you see them on a commercial, you can't look away, thinking, "I can't believe that's what he/she looks like!" It's a great way to hold your viewers' attention.


Written by Javed Akram

After a couple of weeks or may be a couple of month's hard work, you have created a very good web site with brilliant contents. All you need now is visitors to your web site, but there are no visitors. This can be a real disappointment. Good web site creation is not enough to get visitors to your site.

There are about 300 million web pages out there. If people don't know about your web site then they will never visit your site. You have to promote your web site day and night online and offline.

There are lots of different ways to promote web site. Online marketing and promotion of your business is very cheap compare to other media's i.e TV, Radio and Newspapers etc. You can even promote your business or web site totally free of charge.

The Following are some ofrepparttar best ways to promote and announce your web site online and offline.

1) SEARCH ENGINES: Search engines are stillrepparttar 101042 best to get visitors to your site. Now there are hundreds of thousands search engines all overrepparttar 101043 internet, but remember 85% percent of visitors come from 10-20 major search engines like Yahoo, Alta vista, Google, Open Directory Project etc. Submit your site regular interval basis. You can submit your site free to 200 search engines with one click here.

2) CLASSIFIED ADS AND FFA PAGES: There are millions of Classified ads and Free For All Pages(FFA PAGES). Classifieds and FFA Pages are not anymore good to generate site traffic, but they help to develop your site link popularity. A lots of search engines when index your site they check your link popularity. If your web site link popularity is good and more web sites linked to your site then it will help to maintain better ranking in search engines. A free Classified ads and FFA Pages Submission service available here.

3) EZINE OR MAILING LIST: Start your own Newsletter. I always recommend this type of promotion. You only send your site updates and new products to targeted visitors or customers who subscribed and are ready to receive your promotional messages by e-mail. This is an way effective to promote your site.

4) BANNER EXCHANGE PROGRAMS: Banner exchange programs are another way to promote your web site. Although it is not very much popular these days, but you still get some hits. Here arerepparttar 101044 banner exchange and pay per lead programs.

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