The Cat and the Evil Mower

Written by Janette Blackwell

“A coward dies a thousand deaths; a brave man dies but once.” Our cat Der Doc proved that this applies to cats as well.

Caution wasrepparttar watchword in Der Doc’s life. He was a grey cat, striped like a tiger but decidedly withoutrepparttar 148924 tiger’s courage. Daddy said, “He’srepparttar 148925 original scaredy-cat.”

Der Doc hadrepparttar 148926 run of our farm inrepparttar 148927 Bitterroot Valley of Montana, andrepparttar 148928 farm had multitudes of opportunities for a diligent cat. The chief opportunities lay with barn mice duringrepparttar 148929 winter and field mice inrepparttar 148930 summer. Der Doc regularly partook of these opportunities. Cautiously, of course.

How ironic it was that his most searing experience took place when he was cautiously minding his own business. His business being a field mouse in our hayfield, as Daddy droverepparttar 148931 John Deere tractor intorepparttar 148932 field and began mowingrepparttar 148933 alfalfa.

We children were never allowed inrepparttar 148934 field when Daddy was mowing hay, becauserepparttar 148935 sickle onrepparttar 148936 mower extended out eight feet fromrepparttar 148937 tractor. You couldn’t see that sickle coming, asrepparttar 148938 uncut alfalfa in front of it hid it. “Cut your little feeties right off, and you’d never know what hit you!” said Daddy. He would have given Der Docrepparttar 148939 same warning if Der Doc had understood English. For on that sad dayrepparttar 148940 uncut alfalfa hid Der Doc as well asrepparttar 148941 sickle.

A funny true life dog story

Written by Stephen Hill

This isrepparttar story of my dog called Shandy. He was my favourite pet and he was very lively, lots of fun and very obedient. His main passion in life was to be taken for a long walk, culminating with a big run out in his favourite park.

I would try to take him on this walk everyday, weather permitting. The park itself was about three miles away from our house. To reachrepparttar 148923 park we had to cross a number of busy roads, however he would never pull or misbehave. He knew where we were heading and seemingly did not want to rockrepparttar 148924 boat and risk been taken home before he reached his dream destination.

Atrepparttar 148925 park itself I would throw a ball and he would chase it and fetch it back to me.

At this stage I was living at home with my parents, however aged twenty two, I decided to rent my own bungalow nearrepparttar 148926 coast in Devon. This was nearly two hundred miles away from my parents in home in Birmingham. This obviously meant I was no longer inrepparttar 148927 position to take Shandy on his walk.

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