The Camera Mobile

Written by Ieuan Dolby

Since I wroterepparttar last article on mobile phones so much newness and advancement has been made that I just have to write another one. Of course there are thousands of lost souls still using their phones as a form of escape fromrepparttar 133557 outside world and many others talking to a dialing tone, but now they can take photographs of themselves as they do it.

The mini-camera phobia has now reared its ugly head and although it has long been a futuristic novelty idea it is now with us for real – phones with cameras in them. The James Bond life style can be with us all! The cost of these phones is prohibitive to all butrepparttar 133558 fashion conscious desperate, those with lots of money andrepparttar 133559 Koreans. In Korea 4 million handsets have already been sold torepparttar 133560 gadget crazed population. Four million little mobile phones with a camera lens in them have been purchased by four million potential spies.

Allot of bad publicity has followedrepparttar 133561 development, introduction and us200200age of these cameras worldwide. Most ofrepparttar 133562 bad press has focused onrepparttar 133563 possibility of spying on others in a simple and effective manner – as highlighted byrepparttar 133564 woman who used her new acquisition to photograph a poor innocent bather in one of Koreas many public baths. The bathers were naked:repparttar 133565 young girls showing off their fine bodies and inrepparttar 133566 corner was a crabby old lady talking on a mobile phone, ignored byrepparttar 133567 crowd. Only she wasn’t talking onrepparttar 133568 phone she was taking photographs ofrepparttar 133569 nudity surrounding her. A few days later this lady sold these photographs to Web Sites aroundrepparttar 133570 world and made allot of money.

It is not all bad though. Recently a phone was used to photograph a sex maniac onrepparttar 133571 prowl. A young lad snapped shots ofrepparttar 133572 driver andrepparttar 133573 license plate of a car and subsequently submitted them torepparttar 133574 police. The driver had followedrepparttar 133575 boy making rude suggestions and innuendo but soon found himself arrested: withrepparttar 133576 possibility of five years in prison.

Althoughrepparttar 133577 hype and media opinions have focused onrepparttar 133578 negative side of these expensive gadgets it is not without cause. Happy ending stories likerepparttar 133579 one above are far and few between and even inrepparttar 133580 short lived history of these phones they have been used illegally or for illegal purposes on numerous occasions. It has been such a worry forrepparttar 133581 thirds largest mobile phone manufacturer that they have banned them in their office buildings to prevent spies from having an easy time. Samsungrepparttar 133582 very company that pioneeredrepparttar 133583 sticking of a lens into a phone have banned them onrepparttar 133584 factory floors,repparttar 133585 office buildings and corridors and have even gone torepparttar 133586 extent of fitting X-ray machines that will sound warning if a person has one on their person. A Samsung Official was asked about this latest ruling and he stated that, “camera phones are handy andrepparttar 133587 quality is so good it can be used for Industrial Espionage”. So whilst trying to justifyrepparttar 133588 ban fromrepparttar 133589 very place that they were invented he also got in a good bit of advertising.

The Pitfalls Of Using Technology For Technology's Sake

Written by Diane Hughes

Being a long-time Internet entrepreneur, I have made certain observations over time. Most people who start an online business seem to go through certain "phases." They makerepparttar same mistakes, and they reactrepparttar 133556 same to different circumstances. Allrepparttar 133557 while, they never realize that much of this behavior sends a glaring red signal that they are undoubtedly newbies.

There is nothing wrong with being a newbie (after all, I wasn't born this brilliant ). But ask any novice and they will tell you that they don't want to "appear" to be a beginner. That's why I recently feltrepparttar 133558 need to bring attention to a typical newbie mistake that you'll want to avoid. That mistake is using every single piece of new Web technology you can find JUST because it is available.

I understandrepparttar 133559 appeal of new technology. However, before loading up yet another animated graphic or "phasing" Web page, ask yourself a few questions.

1. Will this technology add value to my site? By "value" I mean something that will enhance (and not clutter) your Web visitor's experience. Other than being "cool," willrepparttar 133560 technology help in some way?

2. Willrepparttar 133561 technology cause an inconvenience to my visitors? Will an all Flash home page force visitors (even repeat visitors) to sit and watch a two-minute long "movie" each and every time they come to your site? Will tons of animated or rotating graphics files make your home page load extremely slow? Web surfers are very impatient people, you know. I can tell you from experience, they won't wait.

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