The Buzz About Links - What About Yours?

Written by Martin Lemieux

The Buzz About Links - What About Yours?

These days, if you pay any attention to even a small portion about what goes on with web advertising, you're sure to hear about getting more links for your own web site.

I want to discuss a little something called internal links:

See, most sites that I visit are well on their way to getting a great (GPR) Google Page Ranking for their site. Whoops, wait a minute, I mean their main page! Only:

More times than none, many sites don't even provide a "site map" which simply indicates allrepparttar pages for their site. It's even writen withinrepparttar 127945 guidelines from google! They even TELL YOU to provide a site map! If you've never readrepparttar 127946 google guidelines, don't be foolish as to think you know what it says, go read them here:

Pay special attention to what you should, and especially what shouldn't do!

On another note: The whole point of this article is to explain to you that you can raise your internal rankings simply by changing your web site structure.

It seems that in order to get a page to PR4/10, you need to have that page on 4-6 pages with 4/10 or better.

Let's say for instance, your main page is finally pr4, and let's also say that most of your pages are pr3. What you want to do is promote 3 ofrepparttar 127947 pr3 pages in order to get them to pr4 as well.

10 Things You Should Expect From Your Website Copywriter

Written by Glenn Murray

As websites and electronic commerce are becoming more and more common, business owners and marketing managers are realising that quality web copy is every bit as important as impressive design. And withrepparttar ever increasing importance of search engine presence,repparttar 127944 role of web copy has never been more critical.

But in such a relatively new field, customers are still coming to grips with what they can expect of their website copywriter. The question a lot of people are asking is, “How do I know I’ll get what I pay for?”

Before engaging a website copywriter for your next project, ask them whether they’re able to provide you withrepparttar 127945 following ten essentials…

1) Fixed Quote A lot of website copywriters will tell you they only work on an hourly rate. They’ll cite varying requirements, rapidly changing technologies, greater incentive,repparttar 127946 risk of customer indecision, and a host of other reasons why they can’t provide a fixed quote. But don’t be fooled. You have a right to know whatrepparttar 127947 job is going to cost you. If a website copywriter won’t give you a fixed quote, think twice…

2) Contract of Works to be Completed Just as important as a fixed quote is a signed contract. It may not be drawn up by a lawyer, but a written and signed document outliningrepparttar 127948 works to be carried out, andrepparttar 127949 cost of those works is essential. If a website copywriter is reluctant to provide a written, itemised quote including estimated number of words, you have to ask yourself why.

3) Timeframe Always ask how long your job is going to take. If you’ve already had a go at writing your own web copy, you’ll know how time consuming it is. Never makerepparttar 127950 mistake of thinkingrepparttar 127951 job will be done in a day. Granted, a professional website copywriter will be very efficient in crafting your copy, but no matter whorepparttar 127952 writer, a quality product requires time. And on top of writing time, remember that you’ll have to review and provide feedback on everything they write. In a lot of cases, it’srepparttar 127953 review phase that takesrepparttar 127954 most time, so make sure you try to set some time aside, otherwise you’ll find yourselfrepparttar 127955 bottleneck!

4) Plan of Attack Try to get some idea from your website copywriter about how they plan to approach your project. Don’t be fooled into believing you have to hand overrepparttar 127956 dollars before they’ll reveal their plan of attack. You have a right to be comfortable with their approach before you engage their services. Will you receive individual drafts of every page, or a single draft ofrepparttar 127957 entire site? What format will you receiverepparttar 127958 finished product in? How many review iterations do they anticipate?

5) Samples A lot of ambitious web service providers of all types are calling themselves writers these days. They offer copywriting as a specialist service, but don’t engage a specialist to completerepparttar 127959 work. Always ask to see samples of their previous copy. Read it thoroughly and ask yourself, “Does this copy convey benefits?”. Pretend you’rerepparttar 127960 intended audience and ask “Does this copy answerrepparttar 127961 questions I need answered before I’ll buy?”

6) CV Most copywriters’ websites will give you a very high-level overview of their business andrepparttar 127962 services they offer. Some even offer samples. But very few offer a professional biography of their writers. If you’re not happy relying on their website as your sole source of information, ask for a copy of their CV. The things you’re looking for are a professional history in writing, and preferably some tertiary education inrepparttar 127963 same.

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