The Business Case for SEO

Written by Scott Smigler

It’s interesting how potential clients have preconceived notions about which aspects of search engine marketing haverepparttar most value. In fact, they tend to fall into two camps that are 180° apart. The first camp believes completely inrepparttar 138528 value of pay-per-click marketing (PPC). It’s easy to understand why. PPC provides immediate and measurable benefits. The ROI of PPC marketing is obvious. This group doesn’t understand why it’s necessary “to bother” doing SEO. The second camp believesrepparttar 138529 only way to go is SEO. Clicks are free andrepparttar 138530 branding benefits of high rankings have been well documented.

The right answer is that they are both valuable. Each has its benefits and when you can afford to, you should implement both.


PPC makes sense if you want immediate benefits and likerepparttar 138531 idea of paying for performance. SEO provides branding benefits and longer-term will provide an ROI that is compelling. But unlike PPC, SEO revenue results aren’t as directly measurable and manageable.

Pay per click (PPC) gives yourepparttar 138532 ability to have complete control over your search traffic. With PPC programs you selectrepparttar 138533 keywords and writerepparttar 138534 listings. You control where you’re listed and whatrepparttar 138535 listing says. You decide what your budget is and can adjust your spend rate based on results or events (e.g. announcements, promotions).

By tracking results from a PPC campaign, you can build up a knowledge base with respect to your business, including which messages performrepparttar 138536 best, which search terms haverepparttar 138537 best conversion rates, and what destination URL is best for specific users to land on. Over time, this knowledge can help you to improve and define your business.

One ofrepparttar 138538 greatest attractions of PPC isrepparttar 138539 ability to easily track clicks and costs allowing you to understand your ROI from a specific marketing initiative. This gives you confidence to spend money and drive volume. You may have thought that spending $5,000 a month on a PPC campaign is way outside your budget, but once you measurerepparttar 138540 ROI, you may realize that it’s well worthrepparttar 138541 investment.

Search Engine Optimization

So, if PPC is so great why bother with SEO? Basically, because you will be missing out on a large number of potential clicks. How large? A number of recent studies have demonstrated that there are still a lot of users that do not click onrepparttar 138542 "paid" listings but rather will search throughrepparttar 138543 regular editorial search results. The accompanying chart shows that 60% ofrepparttar 138544 search users prefer (some exclusively) organic over paid listings. The only way to get optimized (high) rankings in these regular editorial results is through an effective SEO program. In most cases, once you have good positioning inrepparttar 138545 regular search results, you will continue to receive “free” traffic. Again, based on data from a number of marketersrepparttar 138546 increase in traffic due to SEO averaged 73%. Consider search engine optimizationrepparttar 138547 same as you would word of mouth advertising or public relations. It’s exposure that comes with a very high degree of credibility and trust. Traffic coming from traditional search listings tends to have high conversion rates.

Search Engine Visibility - The Mantra of Corporate Profitability by Arun Tibrewal (

Written by Arun Tibrewal

The corporate fundamentals are par excellence! The product is unsurpassable andrepparttar website is a web designer’s dream in creativity and design – but there is a vacuum – of potential online customers! – The website lacksrepparttar 138505 basic ingredient of success –

Search Engine Visibility! – which is what search engine optimization is all about.

Increasingrepparttar 138506 search engine visibility is vital to any online business. To illustrate Google alone gets as many as 250 million searches a day – visualizerepparttar 138507 magnitude ofrepparttar 138508 potential market out there if one were to getrepparttar 138509 all important visibility factor right!

Search engine visibility is not merely about obtaining top positions in search results – rather it is about designing, writing, conceptualizing and creating a website. This is done exclusively forrepparttar 138510 site visitors and helping them find what they are searching for usingrepparttar 138511 modality of search engines –repparttar 138512 basic navigation tool overrepparttar 138513 internet.

The concept of buildingrepparttar 138514 site first and focussing onrepparttar 138515 visibility factor later is like buildingrepparttar 138516 car first and worrying aboutrepparttar 138517 quality index later! This fallacy can translate into a financial loss torepparttar 138518 Corporate amounting to thousands of dollars.

Web designing should be executed with in - built user and search engine friendly parameters.

The reason to exist for any business enterprise is profitability both financial and social. The cornerstone of financial profitability is predictably maximizing profits, which is governed by an array of management and marketing tools.

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