The Book - a short metaphorical tale on learning and learning to learn

Written by Adam Sargant, Dip.H.Ed (Nursing Studies), Dip.Hyp.,NLP(prac)

I once heard a story about a man who found a book that had been hidden by a messenger. From where this messenger came, and from whom, I do not know, although I have my thoughts. But she left this book forrepparttar man to find, and find it he did.

Now, this was no normal book. For one thing, it only had two pages. And each page was woven tightly out of wicker, in complex and intricate patterns. Somehowrepparttar 122249 man knew that there was something special aboutrepparttar 122250 book, but he didn't know how he knew, and he didn't know what.

For many monthsrepparttar 122251 man puzzled overrepparttar 122252 book. He began to notice that, as he puzzled, he feltrepparttar 122253 patterns with his fingers and knew somehow that they had meaning. He came to notice subtle intricacies of shade and shadow withinrepparttar 122254 book and as his fingers ran lightly overrepparttar 122255 knots and weave he would hear gentle sounds.

Long days and long nights he studied. At night, he noticed thatrepparttar 122256 use of different senses in still new ways of making sense seemed to allow him to understand different meaning. By day, he noticed he could look atrepparttar 122257 book in a new light.

You Are Divine

Written by John Cali

You Are Divine John Cali

Joseph is always reminding us we are all goddesses and gods in human form.

Recently, a good friend of ours, Phyllis Swenson, sent me a letter requesting that Joseph devote an issue ofrepparttar newsletter to this subject. Because, as she said, she sometimes forgets who she really is.

Don’t we all?

Here’s Phyllis’ letter:

“Hi John, “I was wondering if I can make a request to Chief Joseph to speak to us in a future (newsletter) coveringrepparttar 122248 topic of our God/Goddess natures.

“That is a subject that has always inspired me. I know a lot of people forget that inrepparttar 122249 Bible Jesus said “Ye are Gods.” I know I often have a tendency to forget, when things get rough, about my Goddess nature.

“So, if Chief Joseph would honor us sometime inrepparttar 122250 near future by reminding us we are Gods, and especially (of)repparttar 122251 fact we are Gods at play and not slaves torepparttar 122252 trials and tribulations of life, it would certainly be a wonderful wakeup call . . . . “Thanks, John. Have a joyful day.

“Blessings, Phyllis”

Chief Joseph

Most of you take your lives far too seriously. You’re supposed to be having fun. And yet few of you have fun, at least consistently.

Your only purpose in life is to seek joy. Period!

And you are totally free to do that, regardless of how positively or negatively you view your current circumstances. You are totally free!

You can make whatever choices you want. Andrepparttar 122253 choices you make today will determine your reality tomorrow. Yesterday has nothing to do with today–or tomorrow.

All your power, all of it, is in this present moment. You cannot relive yesterday or preview tomorrow. Because, even if you try, you’re still doing it today.

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