The Body-Temple, A Song of Glory

Written by Judith Pennington

One ofrepparttar most fascinating stories I've ever heard came from a respected psychic teacher who received a phone call from a man in a hospital to have both feet amputated. The psychic wasn't given this information, but intuitively heardrepparttar 138721 man's feet complain that he never let them rest. Knowing this to be true,repparttar 138722 man promised to change jobs and his feet, deciding to trust him, healed immediately.

I read an equally amazing story about an elderly tabby cat, Richie, onrepparttar 138723 verge of death from a large malignant tumor between his eyes. The veterinarian's acupuncture treatments did nothing until used to attune Richie torepparttar 138724 Cosmos. Richie's owner, supporting this, called in an animal communicator who taughtrepparttar 138725 cat, with his agreement, to visualizerepparttar 138726 shrinking ofrepparttar 138727 tumor. One week later, torepparttar 138728 veterinarian's astonishment,repparttar 138729 tumor began to shrink andrepparttar 138730 next week disappeared.

Stories lke these, told by honest, intelligent people, shift our perceptions of reality, don't they? We are taught that reason and verbal communication lift us above other creatures, who therefore must not be able to think or feel. And yet, ifrepparttar 138731 divine consciousness of love exists within every cell of our bodies, and every thing within and outside of us is connected, then everything must be conscious.

Quantum physics, brain wave research, animal studies and bioacoustics, which heals by restoringrepparttar 138732 body's missing frequencies, are repeatedly proving this. But we can simply feelrepparttar 138733 connectedness, can't we, when we go out into nature? We relax, rejoice and receiverepparttar 138734 insights needed; nature confides her healing secrets through both our ordinary and intuitive senses.

Overrepparttar 138735 past year, while beginning to listen to and honorrepparttar 138736 voice of my body, I've grown visibly healthier and more intuitively aware that everything in Creation is an aspect ofrepparttar 138737 divine, each singing "a song of glory," as Edgar Cayce,repparttar 138738 great psychic-healer, put it. My still, small voice chimes in that nature is a living organism embodying every aspect of consciousness: her whispering wind, musical waters, stormy mountaintops and flowered meadows comprise a body-temple calling us to balance, peace and love for All That Is.

10 Ways your Dreams can Enhance your Life

Written by Diane de Villiers

The ultimate purpose of dreaming is to provide you with daily guidance in your Life Journey … to help you findrepparttar best way to solve problems and open your eyes to new opportunities so that you can be happy and feel complete. In fact, dreams most often relate to your circumstances ofrepparttar 138640 past 24 to 48 hours and can assist you inrepparttar 138641 immediate future.

Here are ten ways your dreams can enhance your life.

1. Dreams tell you what’s really going on in your life Dreams give you big, audacious, unmistakable clues as to what’s wrong in your life, what’s really going on. You may be grappling withrepparttar 138642 same problem over and over and never seem to findrepparttar 138643 solution. You’ll be astounded when you discover what your dreams can tell you about what’s really going on in your life.

2. Dreams tell you stuff you DON’T already know Dreams usually bring up issues and information that are not in your waking thoughts. Your dreams will give you fresh information, gob-smacking “aha!” moments and open your eyes to new insights, possibilities and opportunities!

Your dreams put you in direct contact and communication with your all-knowing, powerful inner self and allow you to see your magical inner world with your dream eyes. Your incredible dream visions and symbols give yourepparttar 138644 inside track on your inner secret world … some of which you’re not aware of in your waking moments.

3. Dreams prioritize your problems Your dream world is like a great big problem-sorting-out, prioritization machine. Your sub-conscious knows exactly which problem is more important and should get your attention first to makerepparttar 138645 most profound difference in your life right away. So when you get a message in your dreams relating to a specific problem, you know what to concentrate on first, where you’ll getrepparttar 138646 biggest return on your time and energy investment.

4. Dreams tell you what makes you tick You can find out all about yourself in your dreams … it’s like havingrepparttar 138647 best personal therapist or life coach inrepparttar 138648 world at your beck and call 24*7. How do your beliefs and values affect your daily life? How do your emotions and fears trip you up? Why is your relationship failing? Why can’t you earn more money?

You’ll discover some amazing, life-changing things about yourself in your dreams. Find out about your “real” self – what makes you tick. Your dream world doesn’t lie … it just bringsrepparttar 138649 important things you need to know about yourself to your attention so you can be happier, healthier and wealthier.

5. Dreams uncover your flair and your flaws Your dream journey is all about respecting your own sacredness and internal divinity, about self-understanding and acceptance … not self improvement. You’re already perfect right now; you are already enough, you already have everything you need to realize your intended destiny. The only variable is how you choose to get there. And your dreams can guide you.

Do you have a hidden talent that you’re not using? You may have a string of strengths that could be used together to achieve exactly what you want in life. Are you persisting with a flawed approach to something? What are your weaknesses,repparttar 138650 chinks in your armour? Ours is a world of duality … light and dark, joy and sorrow, strength and weakness … power and fragility. Do you know how to best use your unique flair and how to bolster your flaws to achieve your personal goals? The good news is thatrepparttar 138651 answers are in your dreams.

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