The Blessings (And Curse) Of The Constitution

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

The Senate is in an uproar aboutrepparttar issue of approvingrepparttar 141173 nomination of certain judges. There are vocal supporters for and against traditional techniques ofrepparttar 141174 filibuster. There are others working hard to identify options and compromises to avoid a head-to-head battle that will leave one side staggering.

The rest ofrepparttar 141175 country looks on: in confusion, in awe, in indifference, in disgust. We never really trust politicians anyway so why should their internal disagreements mean a hill of beans torepparttar 141176 working stiff onrepparttar 141177 street?

The critical importance to every citizen, no matterrepparttar 141178 social level or way of life, is thatrepparttar 141179 system has to work or we have no rules, no structure, no boundaries to mark our place. We all have differing opinions about how to rulerepparttar 141180 world. Senators and Judges have varying ideas also. The truth is that when Senators and Judges, individually and then collectively, make decisions about issues, we all have to live withrepparttar 141181 results.

One ofrepparttar 141182 great strengths ofrepparttar 141183 Constitution is that it provides a framework for our society but is also extremely flexible. That flexibility is constantly pulled and stretched byrepparttar 141184 myriad of meanings that can be read into its written form. Overrepparttar 141185 centuries, its principles have been interpreted, and reinterpreted,repparttar 141186 meanings changed as our society changed.

We hope, as no doubtrepparttar 141187 founding fathers hoped, that inrepparttar 141188 long term opposing forces should balance each other out and a centrist consensus should emerge that keeps us moving in a generally positive direction. For more than two hundred years, that has successfully transpired. While we applaudrepparttar 141189 robustness of a document that has weatheredrepparttar 141190 slings and arrows of time so deftly, we must also look at events inrepparttar 141191 short term andrepparttar 141192 trauma they may impose.

Long beforerepparttar 141193 abolition of slavery, there wasrepparttar 141194 degradation of thousands of human lives, treated, auctioned, bullwhipped, and ravaged like livestock, all underrepparttar 141195 auspices ofrepparttar 141196 Constitution.

Hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has The Internet Gone Too Far?

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

I remember back inrepparttar 1980s (history for many of you reading this), I had a friend working atrepparttar 141172 University of California who had access torepparttar 141173 Internet throughrepparttar 141174 University system. It was new, it was esoteric, it was for academicians, nerds, and professional scientists.

Another friend, a salesman, ponderedrepparttar 141175 commercial possibilities. "Sales and marketing," my University friend intoned, is "strongly frowned upon" byrepparttar 141176 Internet community.

Fast forward 20 to 25 years. What happened?

A system designed for researchers and academic communities to discuss ideas has become one ofrepparttar 141177 primary means of communication for individuals throughoutrepparttar 141178 world. It isrepparttar 141179 great leveler: a Bosnian peasant, a Kenyan tribesman, an urban ghetto adolescent, with access to a computer, is on a level with global corporations and top decision makers. The world wide web has created an unprecedented opportunity for verbal intercourse, far beyond anything that has historically been available, for anyone, evenrepparttar 141180 rich and powerful. Blogs, personalized and updated, perhaps several times a day, allowrepparttar 141181 most humble their day inrepparttar 141182 sun.

What have we done with this new weapon with its potential to uniterepparttar 141183 world and give every individual, no matter how powerless and lonely,repparttar 141184 chance to interact onrepparttar 141185 world stage?

We have commercialized it beyond any reasonable "make a sale" level. We have createdrepparttar 141186 ultimate international snake oil salesperson. We have takenrepparttar 141187 "great communicator" and transformed him intorepparttar 141188 "great con."

How did this happen? The desire to sell something - anything - morphed into simplyrepparttar 141189 desire to sell. Join any traffic site, SEO group, PR Newsletter, or Internet Forum and you will be immediately inundated with messages about selling.

Is there anything wrong with trying to sell a product? Of course not, that is what makesrepparttar 141190 wheels of commerce go round. I have no objection whatsoever to someone trying to sell me something - that is their job and I respect their right to pursue it.

What totally sickens me (how about you?) arerepparttar 141191 people who are not trying to sell me a product but are selling "how to sell."

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