The Bingo Renaissance

Written by Online Bingo

Little old ladies in slippers, playing for pennies and cents in a converted community hall is no longerrepparttar reality of bingo. The game has in recent years and now more than ever undergone a rebirth in its popularity and status and now looks set to boom inrepparttar 110064 coming years. Inrepparttar 110065 UK alone, bingo comprises a total annual stake of around £1.1 billion. Itís now big business and not just forrepparttar 110066 bingo halls. Customs and Excise collect around £115 million in duty incurred by bingo each year. However,repparttar 110067 sun has not always shone onrepparttar 110068 bingo industry. In 1974,repparttar 110069 game seemed to hit its peak in popularity. It was widely seen as a cheap and cheerful way to provide mass entertainment. However,repparttar 110070 advent of television seemed to cripplerepparttar 110071 game and its popularity fell dramatically untilrepparttar 110072 end ofrepparttar 110073 90s. Yet for allrepparttar 110074 doom and gloom,repparttar 110075 trend seems to be rising again. Numbers are holding and profits are increasing. This new surge of popularity has been partly due torepparttar 110076 vigorous marketing campaigns as executed byrepparttar 110077 bingo companies. Television and literature campaigns for bingo are now being promoted in Europe and companies are attempting to reinvigoraterepparttar 110078 game buy adapting and modernising some ofrepparttar 110079 antiquated lingo that seemed to keep it stuck to its past - 21,repparttar 110080 Key torepparttar 110081 door, lucky legs 11, etc. Bill Clinton, Elle MacPherson, Damon Hill and Jade Jagger are all regular players ofrepparttar 110082 game and no doubt have contributed to its popularity and rebirth. Many however disagree. To avid players, it is notrepparttar 110083 glitz and glamour ofrepparttar 110084 game that is so appealing; it is ratherrepparttar 110085 warm, social aspect that seems to firerepparttar 110086 hearts of bingo players aroundrepparttar 110087 world. For regular players, it is a safe opportunity to socialise, have fun and experiencerepparttar 110088 thrill of gambling whilst being surrounded and protected by a friendly atmosphere and a hopefully humorous bingo caller prevailing over all. The UKís Chancellor Gordon Brownís recent proposition to cutrepparttar 110089 duty on bingo and replace it with a tax onrepparttar 110090 operatorís income has proved popular with players and investors alike. The investment bank Lehman Brothers claim that this duty removal would increase bingo profits by 30%. However, for allrepparttar 110091 celebrity icons and national edicts proclaimed onrepparttar 110092 game, what is undeniable is that worldwiderepparttar 110093 appeal of bingo does seem to be most prevalent amongst working class, single females. What is also interesting to note is thatrepparttar 110094 bingo promoters themselves are not too interested in marketingrepparttar 110095 game to those who fall out of this category. Quality and not quantity seems to berepparttar 110096 name ofrepparttar 110097 game as far as they are concerned. They see it as more likely and realistic to entice existing players into spending a little more on their visits. The fact that so many bingo players are single females is certainly advantageous torepparttar 110098 industry, seeing as this social group is becoming more and more populous as well as wealthier and liberated.

ABC Closes The Door On Miss America

Written by Vance Cureton

ABC wants no more to do withrepparttar Miss America Pageant. So, they've droppedrepparttar 110063 broadcast.

The reason? Declining ratings.

What a changed world it is that this announcement is not startling news. This isrepparttar 110064 first time in half-a-century thatrepparttar 110065 pageant does not have a television commitment! Once upon a time,repparttar 110066 idea of becoming Miss America was every school girl's dream. And a sneaked glimpse of Miss America in her bathing suit was every teen-aged boy's fantasy. Er...not to mention a lot of older fella's as well. Sorepparttar 110067 decline ofrepparttar 110068 pageant into television mediocrity is a recent phenomenon. Inrepparttar 110069 decade ofrepparttar 110070 90'srepparttar 110071 pageant's ratings were decent. Certainly notrepparttar 110072 equal of what they were inrepparttar 110073 glory years ofrepparttar 110074 50s and 60s whenrepparttar 110075 pageant was a broadcast that viewers of all ages did not want to miss. But more than acceptable in a divided television world of endless cable channels.

Perhapsrepparttar 110076 pageant has survived as long as it has on reputation, andrepparttar 110077 viewing habits of an audience that has been aging each year. The shocking Vanessa Williams scandal of 1984 did not destroyrepparttar 110078 pageant. Neither did Bert Park's replacement as master of ceremonies a couple of years earlier. Could any man ever equal his rendition of "There She Is Miss America?"

Park's signature song inrepparttar 110079 event.

Vanessa Williams, notwithstanding, what has apparently done in Miss America is SEX. The easy accessibility of tawdry entertainment not only on broadcast television, but via cable, vcr tapes, cds, and downloadable product fromrepparttar 110080 internet. The once risque Miss America pageant has been rendered into irrelevancy. Adult beauty pageants are no longer particulary cool or hip, and as they remain onrepparttar 110081 broadcast channels are now an easy target for ever zealous right-wingers who dislike women parading around half-naked on television. Zealots who knew they were overmatched duringrepparttar 110082 pageant's popular heyday.

The Miss America Pageant is out-of-touch withrepparttar 110083 America ofrepparttar 110084 2000's. Just asrepparttar 110085 variety show format is long-dead, these type of pageants have been on struggling for years. They are like something that belonged to an old aunt. Too precious to throw away. But not really worthrepparttar 110086 trouble to bring down fromrepparttar 110087 attic for a new appraisal.

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