The Biggest Reason To Start A Blog...(and it's not what you think!)

Written by Andrew Wroblewski

Even people who don't own a computer know what blogging is. Everyone is talking about it. Heck, evenrepparttar Doonesbury comic strip ran a few panels onrepparttar 134264 subject. Anna Kournikova even has a blog for crying out loud!

But did you know that there is a secret benefit to blogging that has NOTHING to do withrepparttar 134265 subject matter? In fact, you could blog on aboutrepparttar 134266 sex life ofrepparttar 134267 Tasmanian fruit fly and still reap big rewards.

Yep, just like nearly everything else onrepparttar 134268 Internet, there's money to be made with blogging IF you knowrepparttar 134269 secret...

OK, OK. I'll tell you, but first let's take a quick ride inrepparttar 134270 wayback machine and see how blogging came to be as popular as it is today.

Back atrepparttar 134271 dawn ofrepparttar 134272 World Wide Web, new web sites were a rarity. Geekie guys and girls struggled withrepparttar 134273 new technology andrepparttar 134274 launch of a new page, A new web site was practically a media event. Inrepparttar 134275 early days ofrepparttar 134276 Internet, each new page was a cause for celebration.

In 1992, Tim Berners-Lee,repparttar 134277 scientist generally credit with inventingrepparttar 134278 World Wide Web (and you thought it was Al Gore, I'll bet), createdrepparttar 134279 first What's New page. Later, another Internet legend, Marc Andreesen, put up his own page. Both of these men created hot links to all ofrepparttar 134280 new pages springing up onrepparttar 134281 net.

Asrepparttar 134282 World Wide Web came into its own, a new breed of programmer, called a Web Master (because they had masteredrepparttar 134283 World Wide Web) created their own pages that contained suggestions on cool web sites to visit. Because they didn't list every single new web site, justrepparttar 134284 ones that they thought were interesting, they were said to have filteredrepparttar 134285 net. In 1998, Jorn Barger, a bit of an odd duck, even by Internet pioneer standards, first usedrepparttar 134286 term 'weblog' to describe his blog called 'Robot Wisdom'.

As bloggers banded together to form communities, people sought easier and faster ways to create blogs. As a result, automated and easy to use blogging programs such as Blog-In-A-Box were developed so that even a half-dazed wallabie can put up a blog in between munching on stalks of grass.


Written by Emmanuel

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