The Biggest Promotion Mistake

Written by Gordon King

Whether you run an online or off-line mail order business one thing all businesses need are customers.

So how do you go about getting customers?

Well inrepparttar snail mail order business you could run ads in business opportunity magazines, or you could go direct mail renting mailing lists.

Online business works somethingrepparttar 101188 same you can post your message on Newsgroups or Free For All sites.

To promote my latest opportunity I recently rented a mailing list of 200 fresh business opportunity seekers supplied on sticky labels.

Out ofrepparttar 101189 200 names and addresses at least 30 of them were regular advertisers in UK business opportunity magazines, another 10 had business names and addresses butrepparttar 101190 biggest surprise was finding my own name and address onrepparttar 101191 list.

After I discardedrepparttar 101192 useless names I sent my offer torepparttar 101193 rest ofrepparttar 101194 list and had a 0% response torepparttar 101195 mailing. The whole mailing had been a complete waste of time and money.

It wasn't until later that I found out why my response was so low.

I ran a small classified ad in around 10 business opportunity magazines and small adsheets for a month and coded each ad to see which publications were bringing inrepparttar 101196 best response.

I got a reasonable response from allrepparttar 101197 ads for up to two months.

After two months I was still receiving replies from these ads but instead of further information requests these replies were filled with business opportunity leaflets and had a sticky label onrepparttar 101198 envelope.

Someone was going through these publications and compiling a mailing list and I could tell byrepparttar 101199 different codes onrepparttar 101200 labels to which publication was renting my name.


Written by Clive Camm

Everybody wants to see tangible results when they invest their hard- earned cash. But when it comes to public relations, we are dealing with ideas and persuasion rather than nuts and bolts. There is an ongoing challenge inrepparttar communications business to prove that a $50,000 PR campaign, for example, generated at least $50,000 worth of business-building media. Here's one way to get a quantifiable evaluation of your media relations programs.

Content analysis isrepparttar 101187 rather dry term used to describerepparttar 101188 quantitative and qualitative value of news stories generated by an organization's PR department. Content analysis goes beyond determining "equivalent advertising value" - whatrepparttar 101189 coverage would cost if it were purchased as advertising to determinerepparttar 101190 impact of specific messages on reporters in a media campaign.

And while learning thatrepparttar 101191 equivalent ad value of your campaign is multiples greater than your original budget is indeed gratifying, diving deeper intorepparttar 101192 details will tell you whether your messages are hitting their mark and how a campaign may be refined to increase its effectiveness.

IS YOUR NEWS GENERALLY POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE? In comprehensive content analysis, we tabulate every news story and track how positively or negatively news items about your organization are being covered.

WHICH OF YOUR MESSAGES ARE BEING CONVEYED? Most organizations seeking media coverage understandrepparttar 101193 power of key messages the, perhaps, three succinct media lines that are woven into interviews, releases and other interactions withrepparttar 101194 media. Content analysis, we can tell you whether those messages are getting out. It will also tell yourepparttar 101195 specific issuesrepparttar 101196 media is focusing on.

HOW SUPPORTIVE ARE YOUR STAKEHOLDERS REACTING TO YOUR NEWS? You'll have supporters and critics of your news and content analysis can tabulate what third-party commentators are saying about you and your organization.

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