The Biggest Mistakes That Can Spell Doom For You As A Newsletter Publisher And How To Avoid Them

Written by Ron Pioneer

A lot of newsletter publishers spend a great deal of time wondering why they are not making money with their newsletters. Most of them expect to make so much money on getting started but they become disappointed with poor results.

The reasons are not far-fetched. They are makingrepparttar biggest mistakes that can only guarantee failure.

It is important therefore for you to know what these mistakes are so that you can avoid them. One famous writer once said, 'Those who don't knowrepparttar 124221 mistakes of people who have failed are condemned to repeat such mistakes'.

You will agree with me that if you keep repeating such mistakes, you will keep failing.

The first mistake is trying to promote too many affiliate programs in one issue of your newsletter. It is a very grave mistake that most newsletter publishers make. They cannot resistrepparttar 124222 temptation of making as much money as they can from affiliate programs.

This drives them into promoting too many ofrepparttar 124223 affiliate products at a particular point in time, resulting in a newsletter filled with affiliate links instead of quality content.

Such newsletters are real turn-offs for subscribers. Imagine going through a newsletter that is just filled with affiliate links instead of valuable content. How would you feel? Disappointed, I believe.

Subscribers want you to guide them into makingrepparttar 124224 right decisions. They know where to get some of these products themselves but they are receiving your newsletter so that they will learn more from you and receive guidance from you.

It is wrong, therefore, for you to bombard them with dozens of affiliate products in one newsletter instead of quality advice and informative content.

Affiliate products are very good and effective when they are relevant torepparttar 124225 information you are giving to your subscribers at that point in time. They lose their value when you overuse them in a particular newsletter.

If you have a lot of products to promote to your subscribers, it is important for you to spread them out inrepparttar 124226 different issues of your newsletters. This way, your subscribers will not be inundated with them.

In promoting affiliate products to your subscribers, always remember that 'quality is better than quantity'.

The first and most over-riding reason for publishing your newsletters is not to sell anything to your subscribers but to provide quality content to them.

With this in your mind, it is necessary for you to facerepparttar 124227 task at hand of providing them with quality information, then occasionally introducing them to few products that will help them make more sense out ofrepparttar 124228 information you have provided them.

Also, make sure thatrepparttar 124229 products you are recommending to them are of high quality. In other words, make sure that you have usedrepparttar 124230 products yourself and have been very satisfied withrepparttar 124231 results. This will make your subscribers to see you as a person recommendingrepparttar 124232 product forrepparttar 124233 good ofrepparttar 124234 product and not just forrepparttar 124235 profit you seek to derive fromrepparttar 124236 affiliate point of view.

This brings me torepparttar 124237 second biggest mistake that you can make as a newsletter publisher. That is, trying very hard to sell a product in your newsletters instead of preselling.

Like I have said earlier, your subscribers do not see you as a salesperson. They see you as someone who is out there to provide them with quality content that will help them make their lives better. If they needed someone to sell to them, they would have gone out there torepparttar 124238 marketplace to search!

You should therefore avoid trying so desperately to sell to them through your newsletters. They will sense this and defiantly refuse to buy through your links.

You should know that most of your subscribers also receive other newsletters that probably dorepparttar 124239 exact same thing you are trying to do to them.

Remember too, thatrepparttar 124240 product you are trying to promote also has a sales letter, which is prepared solely forrepparttar 124241 sake of selling. It will therefore be wrong of you to use your newsletter as another 'sales letter' only for your subscribers to click torepparttar 124242 site and see another sales letter waiting for them.

This will be 'double bombardment' of sales attempt. Atrepparttar 124243 end ofrepparttar 124244 day this will be very counterproductive to you.

Instead, presell to them.

How To Increase Your Sales From Your Newsletter

Written by Ron Pioneer

The first and most important thing you should know when thinking of your own newsletter is that YOU can do it. Yes, you can write your own newsletter. There is nothing much to it if you are ready to do it.

If you can write a letter or a note to someone, then you can write your own newsletter. Better still, if you can talk to someone convincingly then you can write your own newsletter. Knowing and believing inrepparttar truism of this statement isrepparttar 124220 first way to go about writing your own newsletter.

There is however a difference between writing a newsletter and making sales and profit from your newsletter. My intention in this article is to show you how you can increase sales from your newsletter. If done properly, your newsletter can turn out to be a big money spinner for you every time you publish an issue.

But you should be ready to put in some effort. Making money with your newsletter depends onrepparttar 124221 time and effort you put into making your newsletter a success.

You have to make sure you are providing valuable content in your newsletter. This means you have to takerepparttar 124222 time to research for valuable content that your subscribers would love you for.

When you provide such contents in every issue of your newsletters, your subscribers will be able to developrepparttar 124223 love for your newsletter... and that isrepparttar 124224 beginning of moneymaking with your newsletter.

These days there are a lot of newsletters onrepparttar 124225 Internet that are full of garbage. Most ofrepparttar 124226 publishers write just forrepparttar 124227 sake of writing.

Many others write just to promote affiliate programs. This is not only wrong but it is akin to 'shooting yourself onrepparttar 124228 foot' because it will spell more doom for you.

Your subscribers subscribed for your newsletter to receive valuable content. It is therefore your responsibility to provide them such valuable content.

Also, they subscribe to your newsletters they believe you are an authority in that particular field. The onus now falls on you to live up to their belief by sourcing, researching and putting together valuable content that they will greatly benefit from.

If you do this allrepparttar 124229 time, they will gladly buy any product that you recommend to them.

You see, people want to help those who have helped them inrepparttar 124230 past. So, by helping them with valuable content every time, they won't mind helping you too by buyingrepparttar 124231 products you are recommending for them.

Now, let me ask you. Will you prefer to buy something from a complete stranger or from someone who has been helping you inrepparttar 124232 past with valuable information? I bet you will buy fromrepparttar 124233 latter. This is exactly how your subscribers too think.

Knowing this and taking advantage of it will result in increased sales for you as a newsletter publisher.

To be able to provide valuable content for your subscribers, you have to be enthusiastic aboutrepparttar 124234 topic of your newsletter. When you are writing about a topic that you love and are crazy about, it flows and anyone can see that. You give it your all such that anyone who readsrepparttar 124235 newsletter can feel that.

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