The Biggest Employment Change of All - Becoming an Entrepreneur

Written by Janice D. Byer, MVA

For many of us, change can be a scary thing. When we are children, there is nothing better than meeting new friends and going to new places. But, when we become adults, change can be something that is less than appealing.

From finishing school and going on to college or university to getting married and having children, our lives are nothing but life changing moments.

Sometimesrepparttar one change that isrepparttar 117436 hardest to deal with isrepparttar 117437 change in our employment status, and one ofrepparttar 117438 biggest career changes isrepparttar 117439 decision to go from being an “employee” to being your own “boss”, becoming a self-employed entrepreneur.

For those that have that overwhelming desire to be a small business owner,repparttar 117440 entire journey to success is something that creates a sense of energy and fulfilment. The roads that are followed bring an abundance of information, continually adding torepparttar 117441 entrepreneurial process and spirit.

Visits to local small business centers can provide a wealth of support and encouragement. There is always flyers, newsletters and experienced staff to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Another avenue that can be taken to contribute to your business’ success is becoming involved in networking groups. Most groups conduct weekly or monthly meetings, some more formal than others, which allow small business owners to share with each other their stories and experiences. It can create alliances that will benefit each business owner.

For myself, a small business owner in Southern Ontario, Canada,repparttar 117442 road to being an entrepreneur includedrepparttar 117443 participation inrepparttar 117444 SEA (Self Employment Assistance) Program sponsored by Human Resources Development Canada.

The SEA program offered, and is still offering, myself and my company a wealth of information and support. This program is available all across Canada. In Southern Ontario it is available in Brampton, Orangeville, and Toronto, as well as numerous other communities. The program consists of 10 weeks of in-class instruction which is performed by successful small business owners. The support then continues for one year with monthly networking meetings withrepparttar 117445 rest ofrepparttar 117446 participants and one-on-one appointments with an instructor.

Coping with the Daily Stream of Interruptions

Written by Janice D. Byer, MVA

This past few weeks has brought into a brighter light one ofrepparttar obstacles that we, as home business owners, have to endure allrepparttar 117435 time… unexpected interruptions. Sure, interruptions don’t just happen to home business owners but we seem to haverepparttar 117436 most unique ones.

For instance, this past few weeks I have had to deal with what seems to be an increase of telemarketing calls; insurance companies, doctors, repair shops, and lawyers following my husband’s car accident; a husband who now has too much time on his hands waiting for his truck to be repaired; and a child who wants her mommy to cuddle with her while she is a home sick.

Some of these interruptions are necessary and have to be dealt with but others can become an annoyance. There is nothing worse than being inrepparttar 117437 middle of putting together an important proposal or on a roll designing a website whenrepparttar 117438 phone rings and you hear someone onrepparttar 117439 other end asking if you want new windows installed.

Each of us has to cope withrepparttar 117440 daily stream of interruptions… its just part of running a home business. But, how we deal with them will determine how they affect our daily tasks and productivity.

Interruptions, such asrepparttar 117441 dreaded telemarketing calls, can be brought down in size. Sure, you could let your answering machine take allrepparttar 117442 calls but then you would be taking away fromrepparttar 117443 personal touch that your business normally projects to your clients. Not to mention you might lose potential clients when they don’t want to talk to an answering machine or leave a message.

The next plausible answer would be to subscribe to a Call Display service from your local phone company. Now, sometimes a phone number that is displayed may look familiar but when you pick uprepparttar 117444 phone you soon realize that it’s not who you thought it was. But, more often than not, having Call Display saves yourepparttar 117445 trouble of even picking uprepparttar 117446 phone when you see a number of someone you just don’t have time to talk to. You just look atrepparttar 117447 display and then makerepparttar 117448 decision if you want to pick up or not. That takes no time at all.

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