The Big Lie

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

B.S.: -THE BIG LIE! There are many techniques to deceive in our 'expert' and professional ‘spin doctors' medicine bags. Stonewalling wasrepparttar word for Nixon in Watergate. Plausible deniability is often used. The presentation of statistics that befuddlerepparttar 142667 befuddled who generaterepparttar 142668 Bell Curves can amaze evenrepparttar 142669 best of us. Speaking with certainty about something uncertain isrepparttar 142670 stock and trade of most experts. After all who would tell such barefaced lies? They do haverepparttar 142671 sheepskin to prove they know what they talk about. The rationalizing process is common to all humanity and there need be nothing wrong with admitting error and mistake. However, it is a rare time when you'll find a doctor or other expert admit they didn't know what they were talking about, or simply followed 'convention' rather than involve themself inrepparttar 142672 kind of process they'd use to verify their diagnosis if it was their 'loved one' onrepparttar 142673 cutting table, or in jail, or about to face some other social disaster.

It would be hard to say what isrepparttar 142674 biggest lie ever told, and we will explore many of them,repparttar 142675 one bullet theory and 'The Flat Earth' fiction that includes man didn't travel in ancient times is just aboutrepparttar 142676 crème de la crème. It seems if you call somethingrepparttar 142677 exact opposite of what it is; then people can be soldrepparttar 142678 story just as much as if you tellrepparttar 142679 little white lie. Remember to keep a straight face and stick to your guns. The concept of 'caveat emptor' or 'buyer beware' isrepparttar 142680 rule that follows fromrepparttar 142681 Golden Rule (He who hasrepparttar 142682 gold rules.). Political platforms and journalistic history seem quite adept at this art which was perfected when power became more important than truth and 'brotherhood'. Language and semantical hair-splitting can obfuscate any issue torepparttar 142683 point that good people with righteous intent give up trying to figure out what is going on - and 'go withrepparttar 142684 flow' or takerepparttar 142685 'path of least resistance'. Laws are meant to be used judiciously rather than applied to manage in some selective mannerrepparttar 142686 targets likerepparttar 142687 poor or people from other countries and circumstances; we need just and ethical future behavior starting atrepparttar 142688 top. Revenge and 'getting yours' isrepparttar 142689 God of violence and greed.

How To Avoid Spam Robots

Written by Jim Edwards

Despiterepparttar fact that Federal legislation (the CANSPAM act) made it illegal, harvesting email addresses fromrepparttar 142460 web using automated robots remains alive and well.

Spammers who need fresh email addresses release software spider programs that combrepparttar 142461 Internet and suck email addresses off Web pages, guest books, and anywhere else you might post your email address.

Once they get your email address, spammers will trade it around like 5th graders with a new pack of Pokemon cards at recess and you can expectrepparttar 142462 avalanche of email to begin flooding your inbox.

In order to combat this still rampant practice of stealing email addresses from websites and sending people email they don't want,repparttar 142463 following tips should help protect you.

** Break It Up **

Obviouslyrepparttar 142464 best way to avoid getting picked up by an email harvester is not to post your email anywhere on anyone's website (including your own).

Ifrepparttar 142465 only way someone can get your email is if you give it to them, that creates a similar situation to operating with an unlisted phone number.

If telemarketers can't get your phone number, they can't call.

If you must post your email address, post it in a way that a robot won't recognize it as an email address. Instead of posting YOURNAME@YOURDOMAIN.COM, you can put YOURNAME (AT) YOURDOMAIN.COM and then, in parenthesis, put (replace AT with @ to email me).

Though it seems like an extra step for legitimate email, you'll find it a very effective technique.

** Use An Image **

Currently, online spiders (ANY spider, including search engines) cannot read text that appears in a graphic or picture. If you must display an email address on a page, then do it by typing your email address into your favorite graphics program and savingrepparttar 142466 image as a .gif or .jpg. Then postrepparttar 142467 image onto your web page so people can seerepparttar 142468 email, but spiders cannot. This too creates an extra step for people because they must type in your email address, but it's an effective solution if you must display an email address on your own website.

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