The Big Internet Lie!

Written by Steve Browne

Would you ever consider eating a big thick juicy steak if you knew it came from a fat bloated decaying dead cow?

Well friends, that's exactly what you and I are being served every day onrepparttar Internet.

Fat, stinky, bloated dead cow business opportunities (scams) that reek of foul smelling lies, exaggeration and destructive hype!

Anyone that has gone online searching for home-based business ideas knowsrepparttar 117052 unmistakable odor.

It's becoming more and more repulsive allrepparttar 117053 time and it's pervasive onrepparttar 117054 Internet. You see it everywhere.

"Make a million by Monday!"

"Five figure income guaranteed working only 2 hours a week"

"$25,000 a month fromrepparttar 117055 dining table with no previous experience"

"Get your own virtual money printing machine that never sleeps"

"I went fromrepparttar 117056 homeless shelter to Beverly Hills in three weeks!"

"The secret recipe I stumbled upon that shot $569,327.42 into my checking account last month alone!"

G-I-V-E M-E A B-R-E-A-K !!

You know what I am talking about. You've seen allrepparttar 117057 come-ons for money making products, MLMs, wealth building courses and seminars, automatic pilot home businesses, super affiliate programs, etc. that supposedly anyone can start and profit wildly from immediately.

Good copywriters make these dead cows look so enticing.

I know . . . overrepparttar 117058 past seven years I've purchased more than my share of seemingly exciting work-at-home systems and products only to recognize them for what they are later asrepparttar 117059 stench became more obvious whenrepparttar 117060 promised wealth didn't materialize.

I hope you already know what I have come to learn,repparttar 117061 hard way. Internet biz-opp hype is relentless.

It's based on a very destructive lie that's being spread all overrepparttar 117062 web. It's destructive because if you believe it, you will positively destroy your dreams, your ambition, and your drive to become successful at Internet business.

Here is THE BIG INTERNET LIE boiled down to its bare bones ugliness:

"Anyone can become wealthy onrepparttar 117063 Internet, quickly and with little effort, by simply purchasing a product or system and following what you are told to do." You’ve heard it many times, haven’t you?

That'srepparttar 117064 lie. Don't you believe it.

Over, and over, and over again you will see ads, and ebooks, and web sites, and banners proclaimingrepparttar 117065 ease of quick and certain Internet wealth just waiting for anyone willing to buy it (as in, "purchase our product - it's all you need!").

This lie is suckingrepparttar 117066 life and spirit out of aspiring and hopeful business creators right and left.

The lie is emptying wallets and purses and wasting months, even years, of time and effort fromrepparttar 117067 lives of hard working folks aroundrepparttar 117068 globe.

For your sake: Don't listen to or believe anyone, regardless ofrepparttar 117069 claims, that tells you Internet business is easy, always profitable (because of a particular product or system), or that suggests wealth is just aroundrepparttar 117070 corner for anyone and everyone that "purchases before midnight tonight."

How can anyone make such ridiculous claims? They lie! It's an ugly truth - but let's call it exactly what it is. It's a big fat lie!

No one can guarantee, or even truthfully suggest, that someone they don't know will become wealthy following a system, or buying a product, or joining an affiliate program.

The Internet landscape is littered with these business opportunity carcasses, bloated dead cows that never had a chance to come to life inrepparttar 117071 first place.

Understand me here: there have been very rare and astute individuals that have found a business niche online that has given them wealth, extreme wealth by most standards; but these cases arerepparttar 117072 exceptions!

These special folks have been pioneers; they have sacrificed, struggled, and endured to learn what works for them. The chance of John or Jane Doe quickly accomplishing what these talented people have done is aboutrepparttar 117073 same as you or I winningrepparttar 117074 lottery.

Why do all these dead and decaying business opportunities fail forrepparttar 117075 vast majority of all of us? They are models destined to fail from Day One.

·They are designed to make money for their creator, first and foremost. He makes his money on every new customer that he sells his system to. But if you fail to make money, it's neverrepparttar 117076 system. It's your fault. He doesn't care about you.

·They don't take into accountrepparttar 117077 owner's knowledge, skills, or experience. You are trying to sell something in which you have no real interest, background, experience or passion.

·They are based on a replicated cookie cutter product that forces a "one size fits all" model on each owner.

·The market forrepparttar 117078 product or service, if there ever was one, quickly becomes saturated. Product owners claim otherwise saying there are always new interested consumers coming online that will buy a product. That's pure baloney.

Aiming At The Home Based Business Bullseye

Written by Kirk Bannerman

Traffic is one thing, but targeted traffic is everything.

You have no doubt seen dozens of offers similar to "10,000 hits per hour driven to your website!". This type of website traffic is completely untargeted and will undoubtedly result in a very low conversion ratio. It's basically "throw it up againstrepparttar wall and hope something sticks". The big incoming numbers give repparttar 117051 illusion of progress, but you will achieve better results with a lower volume of highly targeted traffic.

I speak from experience because inrepparttar 117052 early days of developing my home business, I went forrepparttar 117053 big numbers instead of focusing on targeting prospects. It took me a while to appreciaterepparttar 117054 importance of targeting (quality) instead of just going forrepparttar 117055 big numbers, but it was a lesson well learned.

Exchanging links has been an important part of generating website traffic for quite some time, butrepparttar 117056 vast majority of people looking to trade links don't understand that just wildly swapping links with any willing webmaster is notrepparttar 117057 way to go.

Forrepparttar 117058 last few years, most webmasters have been in a "pleasing Google" mode since Google had such a dominant position. Now that challengers are emerging, most notably Yahoo, MSN, and Ask Jeeves,repparttar 117059 search engine ranking landscape is becoming much more complicated than just marching torepparttar 117060 tune Google played.

Many website owners seem to be ofrepparttar 117061 opinion thatrepparttar 117062 sole purpose of exchanging links is to try to improverepparttar 117063 search engine ranking position of their website. While it is true that links pointing to your website can help your search engine ranking,repparttar 117064 reason for obtaining inbound links goes far deeper than that.

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