The Big Dream Life

Written by Marc Romero

In Network Marketing one ofrepparttar single most important keys to success is simply having a dream. Unfortunately most people lose sight of this dream due torepparttar 147732 harsh realities of life and therefore fail miserably in this industry. Onrepparttar 147733 other hand those who never lose sight of this dream seem to have what takes to stayrepparttar 147734 course and learnrepparttar 147735 ropes until and one day find themselves living a life better then they could have ever imagined it.

Today I’m going to give you a picture of The Big Dream Life. Please, if you are struggling in this industry, take hold of it, mold it into your own, and one day you too will be a living, breathing testimony torepparttar 147736 life changing power contained inside a few thoughts.

The Big Dream Life

It’s 9:36 am when your eyes suddenly pop open. You sit up in bed with a smile on your face and thank God for allrepparttar 147737 many blessings he has given you and your family. After a yawn and a good stretch, you give your sleeping beauty (Wife) a kiss onrepparttar 147738 cheek then head torepparttar 147739 kitchen. In no hurry, completely content and relaxed because you don’t haverepparttar 147740 stress that 90% of America has called

From Ebay Zero to Power-Selling Hero: Using Feedback Effectively

Written by Isaiah Hull

From Ebay Zero to Power-Selling Hero: Using Feedback Effectively

When I talk about feedback to new Ebay sellers, I usually compare it to having one note posted onrepparttar door of a brick-and-mortar business for every transaction. At almost any business--no matter how badrepparttar 147656 service--you would have a lot of positive transactions; and thus a lot of positive notes. As a potential shopper, you probably wouldn’t bother to read all of these positive notes. Instead, you’d look to see if there were any negatives.

If you were planning to eat at a restaurant and you found a bunch of notes in big, red marker that saidrepparttar 147657 food was moldy;repparttar 147658 waiter dumped hot coffee on me on purpose; andrepparttar 147659 manager chased me out ofrepparttar 147660 store with a gun, you probably wouldn’t go there--or at least you’d think twice about it.

And likewise, if you wanted to buy an engagement ring, but you found a number of notes onrepparttar 147661 local jeweler’s door that said I bought an engagement ring. The diamonds were fake. Andrepparttar 147662 owner refused to give me a refund, you would drive out of town to another jeweler.

Feedback is a powerful tool that will ensure either your success or failure selling on Ebay. This is why it is so important to use feedback carefully. You should do everything possible to see that each ofrepparttar 147663 following happens: 1) every buyer gives you feedback; 2) all of that feedback is positive; and 3) every dispute or misunderstanding is resolved, resulting in: a) positive feedback, b) mutually-withdrawn feedback, or c) neutral feedback.

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