The Best Website Traffic Sources

Written by John Iacovakis

You have to search a lot to find what is most likely to work for your web site. Once you get an understanding for each type of advertising then you can put it to work.

Website directories: Helpful for one way links to your website to increase link popularity. Do not expect a lot of clicks.

Free Classified ads: Expect what you pay for. Nothing!

Safe lists: Stay away!

Opt in email lists: Terrific! But you need traffic to build your list of opt-in subscribers…

Free Banner exchanges: You need traffic to get traffic from banner ads! In general you’ll earn one banner impression for every two you display on your page. Try banner campaigns in combination with a pop under campaign. Send that cheap traffic to a web page with original content and some banners from 2-6 free banner exchanges. Be careful: Do not create a banner “farm”! The banner exchanges will suspend your account.

If you buy banner ads on topic related websites, expect a click trough rate of 0.5%-1.5%

Search engine optimisation: A must! But have in mind that it’s a long-term strategy, costing thousands of dollars (unless you know how to do it yourself) but results are not guaranteed…

Cost-per-click text advertising: The best source of traffic, but costing from $0.10 to as much as several dollars per visitor! Even if you have keywords for $0.10, it’s almost impossible to get thousands of visitors every month using only this method.

How Much Is A Great Business Logo Really Worth?

Written by Curtis D. Tucker

A great logo can help a business project a positive image while a bad logo can bring a negative impression about a company. For many companies, a logo isrepparttar only identifiable mark a potential customer may ever see, so it needs to be memorable, descriptive and easily recognizable. If a logo isrepparttar 149172 company spokesman, how much is it really worth?

Cheap logo designs are all overrepparttar 149173 Internet - logo designs under $150! $99 logo designs, $75 logo designs, $49 logo designs and even lower! You will easily find a wide range of prices for logo design onrepparttar 149174 Internet. Be careful of cheap logo design offers, some designers may be using clip art. A logo design that includes a royalty free piece of clip art cannot be copyrighted. That same piece of clip art could be used on dozens of other logo designs. A designers portfolio should be displayed and there should be a wide variety of logo samples. At $49 each, do all ofrepparttar 149175 logos lookrepparttar 149176 same? Dorepparttar 149177 majority of them have block lettering and a swoosh?

Some logo designers charge one flat fee for a logo with no questions asked. Can you imagine Coca-Cola purchasing a logo design for $99? What a deal! Or how about Bob's bait shop paying $750 for a logo. There goesrepparttar 149178 budget! All companies are not equal in size, budget and usage. All designs are not equal. Does a swoosh takerepparttar 149179 same amount of time and effort as creating a detailed motorcycle?

The confusion doesn't stop there. Some logo designers charge additional costs for extra colors, extra modifications and extra preliminary designs. You have to get your calculator out just to figurerepparttar 149180 final cost of your logo. Do you really know what you are paying for?

How much is a logo design really worth? Ask Coca-Cola, Polo, Nike, The Hard Rock Cafe, Hallmark or any other company that relies on their logo as their number one spokesman. Not every company is as large as these but every company should have a logo that is easy to identify and stands forrepparttar 149181 integrity of that business.

A logo design is more valuable to a company than a single spot illustration. An illustration is normally used once or used for a limited campaign, whereas a logo is used for years and is placed on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, web sites, vehicles, buildings and products. Do you seerepparttar 149182 difference in value to a company? A logo has more value than justrepparttar 149183 hours spent on creating it. It becomesrepparttar 149184 companies identity.

With that said, shouldn't a logo be worth more than justrepparttar 149185 time involved in creating it? Professional graphic design rates average anywhere from $30 to $75 per hour. If you see a logo design priced at $125 and that designer charges $50 per hour for design work, do you assume that they spent 2.5 hours on your logo? That price would includerepparttar 149186 time spent to contact you,repparttar 149187 research done on your company and competition,repparttar 149188 preliminary ideas,repparttar 149189 changes,repparttar 149190 finalizing ofrepparttar 149191 logo,repparttar 149192 file prep for each different format, sendingrepparttar 149193 logo, billing and allowing you to have all rights torepparttar 149194 design. So how much time was actually spent creating your logo?

My conclusion is that a logo is much more valuable to a company than a standard illustration sorepparttar 149195 price should reflectrepparttar 149196 added value. Many professional graphic designers would be hard pressed to create a top notch illustration for under $150 let alone a creative, well designed logo. So beware of logos priced under $150, you may get what you pay for.

There's even more confusion about logo pricing. Some designers base their logo rates on several of these factors:

Logo Modifications - You could get charged for each time you want a change or modification to your logo. If a logo designer asksrepparttar 149197 right questions, doesrepparttar 149198 research and stays in close communication withrepparttar 149199 client there should be no need for major changes duringrepparttar 149200 creation of a logo design. Be a good communicator and explain torepparttar 149201 logo designer exactly what you want your logo to be saying about your business. As a designer, you should get signed approval for each modification showing thatrepparttar 149202 client was in agreement atrepparttar 149203 time.

Extra Colors - Printers charge more for extra colors. If a logo designer charges more for a two color logo than they do for a three color logo, get a detailed explanation as to why. It only takesrepparttar 149204 click of a mouse to add an extra color. In today's world there is very little need for color separations so there should be no need for a designer to charge byrepparttar 149205 color.

Preliminary Designs - A few choices is good, to many choices is overkill. A logo designer should be able to decide for yourepparttar 149206 correct amount of preliminary designs it will require to create your perfect logo. Be leary of eight, ten and more initial designs. How much time could actually be spent on each design? If you don't like your first two or three designs you can easily request two or three more.

If you are on a committe or a board, I assure you that you do not want to present ten logos to ten different people. You may never get down to a winning design.

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