The Best Way To Get Real Estate Listings

Written by © 2005 Lanard Perry

The Real Estate Industry is HUGE and is a golden opportunity for real estate agents. National average home sales exceed $200,000.00 and real estate commissions are big and plentiful.

No wonder so many people are getting licensed as real estate agents. And why not? You can make a lot of money selling real estate. But being licensed is onlyrepparttar first step, as more and more people are getting licensed to cash in onrepparttar 150092 opportunities.

The Second Step.

The most successful real estate agents have lots of listings. Although getting them is easier said than done, you can do it if you have a good real estate listing system. With listings you triple your chances of earning commissions and bonuses. Whenrepparttar 150093 listings sell you'll be paid a listing fee, a sales fee, or both. Conversely, if you don't have listings you'll only get paid when you sell a property.

A system that some work to near perfection focuses on Expired Real Estate Listings, which are a great source of leads. You donít have to spend a lot of time or money prospecting for them, as they're always just a couple of keystrokes away.

Go ahead, letís try it right now! Log onto your Multiple Listing System service, print out an update report and wah, lah! In seconds you'll have a complete update of allrepparttar 150094 expired listings for any time frame you want.

The MLS update report will provide you with just about everything you need to know to relist expired real estate listings. You can getrepparttar 150095 seller's name, mailing address, property address, phone number, type of property, current asking price, price reductions duringrepparttar 150096 listing period, how muchrepparttar 150097 taxes are and anything else that you even think you might want to know about these properties.

Unlike fsbos, cold calls and other lead generating systems, owners of expired listings are almost always warm, responsive prospects. Also, they are typically still Realtor friendly and are already sold onrepparttar 150098 idea of doing business with a real estate agent - again.

Are opt-in email lists still valuable in this SPAM age?

Written by Chris K.

One ofrepparttar things thatrepparttar 150091 introduction of blogs has done is to cause an exodus of sorts from email newsletters or ezines to online publishers simply publishingrepparttar 150092 information on their blogs.

It is not too difficult to realize why online publishers embraced blogs so quickly and enthusiastically. Actuallyrepparttar 150093 SPAM monster appeared to be slowly squeezingrepparttar 150094 life out of their online business. To meetrepparttar 150095 SPAM challenge most ISPs have set up SPAM filters that are so powerful that they quite often filter out mail that has been requested, especially mail ofrepparttar 150096 massive opt-in kind. This has meant an increasing number of bounces and undeliverable mail.

Withrepparttar 150097 arrival of blogs there was an easy way out of all this anxiety. Ezines could easily be posted on blogs and no ISP SPAM filter would touch it. And what is morerepparttar 150098 email aspect of feedback was not lost because readers could easily post a comment atrepparttar 150099 blog. The huge advantage over email here was that one could see another readers comment and quickly support or disagree with it. Blogs have actually revolutionized publishingrepparttar 150100 way no other tool has inrepparttar 150101 history of mankind.

So have blogs made email newsletters and opt-in email lists obsolete? The answer is a firm “NO”. Nothing would be further fromrepparttar 150102 truth. Even when an online publisher delivers their weekly or daily content at a blog, what isrepparttar 150103 best way of sustaining and growing traffic torepparttar 150104 blog?

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