The Best Way To Get Listed On Yahoo!

Written by David Gikandi

Yahoo! has an immense reach. They receive, directly, more traffic than any other search engine or directory. Being listed on Yahoo! and gives you a great boost on your rankings as well. So if you are not listed on Yahoo! and DMOZ, your pages on Google may never rank as highly as they should. You simply must be in Yahoo! Fortunately, you can now guarantee that you will be reviewed and possibly added within 7 days by paying a fee of $199 to Yahoo! The free submission service has no guarantees and most sites never do end up getting listed through free submission. The $199 fee guarantees that you will get reviewed. But to be definitely added to Yahoo!, especially in a way that gets yourepparttar most traffic, you must fulfil certain things:

Yahoo! rankings depend very much onrepparttar 128060 keywords in your title and description, andrepparttar 128061 keywords inrepparttar 128062 category name you are listed under. Select your category very wisely. The best way to find a category for you is to search on Yahoo! for your major competitors. See which category they are listed under and get listed there as well. That way you will be sure you are at a spot where your potential visitors are used to going to.

The title you get listed on Yahoo! with is usually your business name. Yahoo! Is quite strict on this, insisting on listing sites by their business name (company name) and not their site name. Remember,repparttar 128063 title is very influential when it comes to how high you will come up on Yahoo! Searches. Becauserepparttar 128064 traffic from Yahoo! is so heavy, we suggest that you get a DBA (doing business as) business name that hasrepparttar 128065 keywords in it. Example: if your primary keyword is 'wedding gowns' but your company is called Tippy Fashions, Inc., register a business name under your company name that has your keyword. If you specialize in a certain geographic region, include that as well. For example, if your business is in Miami, then registerrepparttar 128066 name Wedding Gowns of Miami. Then have your title tag on your web site read Wedding Gowns of Miami - and that's all, nothing more inrepparttar 128067 title tag. Then, on your home page, place Wedding Gowns of Miami prominently atrepparttar 128068 top ofrepparttar 128069 page, so that it looks as though this is whatrepparttar 128070 site is called. All your logos and graphics should be changed to reflectrepparttar 128071 new name, Wedding Gowns of Miami - remember, this is only temporary for 7 days while Yahoo! reviews your site for inclusion. You may change everything back to normal once Yahoo! indexes you. In your About page or company info page, have Wedding Gowns of Miami asrepparttar 128072 listed business name (you can add that Wedding Gowns of Miami is a Tippy Fashions, Inc., business). Yahoo! also looks atrepparttar 128073 Whois database to see what company name is listed asrepparttar 128074 owner of your domain. You should also edit that Whois info at to include your new DBA name. While we are onrepparttar 128075 topic of domain names, it is a good idea to register a domain name that reflectsrepparttar 128076 new business name you have for Yahoo!, such as for our example here. When you submit your site to Yahoo!, inrepparttar 128077 company field, place Wedding Gowns of Miami asrepparttar 128078 business name. Once you are listed by Yahoo! in 7 days, you may change back your home and about pages to be how they were before. This may sound like a lot of hassle just for one listing, but it is very important to have your primary keyword inrepparttar 128079 title that Yahoo! lists you under if you want to get massive traffic. Andrepparttar 128080 only way to do that is to have those keywords in your legal business name. Remember, have your title and new business name (DBA) start with your most important keyword -repparttar 128081 position matters very much when it comes to search rankings on Yahoo!

The description you submit to Yahoo! is also something that should have your most important keyword. It should not read like an advert - it should be descriptive. Try to make it in a way that it sounds interesting and informative to a potential client, without sounding like a blatant advert, otherwise Yahoo! will re-write it. Start your description with your most important keyword -repparttar 128082 position matters very much when it comes to search rankings on Yahoo! For best results, makerepparttar 128083 description just one sentence long that is readable and descriptive. Yahoo! Hasrepparttar 128084 habit of cutting down descriptions longer than one sentence long.

THEMES...The Next Evolution of Search Engine Optimization

Written by John Buchanan

Themes...many cringe atrepparttar mere word, being taken back to a time of term papers and book reports, however, inrepparttar 128059 field of search engine optimization and search engine positioning, "themes" are beginning to play a CRUCIAL role inrepparttar 128060 long term success of online businesses.

So what exactly are "themes" and why are they becoming so important?

To understand this we have to look at whyrepparttar 128061 search engines implemented this new indexing technique.

Withrepparttar 128062 incredible growth ofrepparttar 128063 web,repparttar 128064 search engines are constantly look for new and better ways to serve up relevant results while still maintaining a manageable database.

They have implemented filters to get rid of duplicate content and invisible text. They have reducedrepparttar 128065 importance or stopped indexing META tags completely as well as many other tags, and still they have been falling behind.

They have begun counting click-thru's, added link popularity and link quality to their ranking algorithms and much more and still find themselves falling behind.

This has led torepparttar 128066 new concept of "themes".

Theme indexing takes into account most of what I previously mentioned, but instead of looking at each page as an individual entity, it takesrepparttar 128067 "theme" ofrepparttar 128068 entire site into account.

An engine that incorporates "themes" into its ranking system, looks atrepparttar 128069 content as well as theme ofrepparttar 128070 page,repparttar 128071 overall theme ofrepparttar 128072 site,repparttar 128073 link popularity ofrepparttar 128074 site, as well as what other sites are "saying" about that particular site. All these factors put together determinerepparttar 128075 "theme" ofrepparttar 128076 site and page and therebyrepparttar 128077 ranking ofrepparttar 128078 page in question. The narrower and more focusedrepparttar 128079 theme of a site,repparttar 128080 betterrepparttar 128081 site will rank in regards to a matching search term.

Now trust me, this is an extremely simplified description of themes but my goal here is not to go intorepparttar 128082 technology behind it but it's impact on search engine optimization and positioning in general.

More and more search engines are incorporatingrepparttar 128083 use of themes to at least some extent into their ranking systems, and because of this, it is crucial that any webmaster who wants to continue to succeed onrepparttar 128084 internet understand themes and how to use them to his or her advantage.

Now that we understand a bit about themes,repparttar 128085 question becomes how does it affect you and your web site.

Quite simply, it means that we have to reevaluaterepparttar 128086 way in which we design our sites. The days ofrepparttar 128087 all-purpose site are quickly coming to an end.

Think about it. If you offer a wide range of different products and/or services, when a theme indexing engine visits your site, what will it determine to berepparttar 128088 overall theme of your site?

If a visiting engine can't determine a specific theme for your site you will have little or no hope of coming up well forrepparttar 128089 search terms you are shooting for.

To thrive in this new world of search engine technology, you must be able to describerepparttar 128090 content or "theme" of your site in two words and three atrepparttar 128091 VERY most.

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