The Best Way To Consume Vitamin C

Written by Novi White

Eating orange mean absorbing vitamin C to our body, is that right? Probably yes because orange is rich with this nutrient. Vitamin C is a very essential nutrient for human body because its play a great role as a powerful antioxidant.

Thus, it will prevent you from free radicals that can damage organs, tissues, and cells inrepparttar body. The antioxidant is also used to prevent and treatrepparttar 147481 common cold and flu syndromes. In a word, vitamin C is fundamental in preserving healthy immune system..

Another important function of vitamin C is inrepparttar 147482 formation of collagen,repparttar 147483 connective tissue basis, which is mostly found in skin, teeth, and bones. This vitamin is then needed to give support and shape torepparttar 147484 body, to help healrepparttar 147485 wounds, and to maintain healthy blood vessels. Some studies have also linked vitamin C with its ability to prevent a number of cancers, to reducerepparttar 147486 risk of heart disease, to prolong life, and to keep skin healthy.

Known also as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is water-soluble and cannot be stored inrepparttar 147487 body or kept for later use. The body uses what it needs andrepparttar 147488 rest is passed inrepparttar 147489 urine. Thus, it should be taken every day so that you obtain adequate quantity of this vitamin to stay healthy. Consuming foods high in vitamin C is a certainlyrepparttar 147490 perfect way to fulfill it.

Five Easy Guidelines For Acne Skin Care

Written by Loraine Lesley

Are you having acne problem? Have you done something about it? No need to worry, almost everyone has a problem with acne. Nearly all of high-school-age girls to older women, even including men, experience this skin care problem. Acne may not be a dangerous skin disease, butrepparttar common appearance, especially if it becomes worse and severe, can become a very serious problem. Thus, youíre going to need a significant acne skin care.

Before going further to acne skin care, it will be best to get to know more about acne. It is a skin disorder caused by hormones onrepparttar 147480 skinís oil glands. This leads to open skin pores and cause some spots, annoying ones, to emerge. These spots are called acne and usually occur onrepparttar 147481 face, neck, back, and chest.

A permanent blemish and scar caused by acne should be treated seriously. Besides it may distressrepparttar 147482 people who are affected, it can also lead to a worse skin condition. Here are some easy guidelines how to treatrepparttar 147483 acne - and to give care to your skin in general:

1. The first and most important to do is gently wash your skin, especially your face, at least twice a day. Use a mild cleanser and after that, clean your skin with water. Ask your dermatologist about what kind of cleanser to be used according to your skin type.

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