The Best Travel Games

Written by Steve Gillman

Car travel games are a tradition wherever families take vacations or long trips by automobile. Long drives are always more tolerable with some diversion or entertainment, and reading might not berepparttar best choice, at least forrepparttar 144165 driver. Why not try some games that everyone inrepparttar 144166 car can play?

"Blue Car" Travel Games

These are travel classics. Each person guesses how many blue cars will pass inrepparttar 144167 next ten miles or ten minutes. Of course it can be red cars, or trucks, or whatever everyone agrees to. Byrepparttar 144168 way, it's considered bad form forrepparttar 144169 driver to slow down, letting more cars pass, so his guess will berepparttar 144170 closest.

Another classic travel game involvesrepparttar 144171 alphabet. Everyone tries to spot something starting with an "a", and berepparttar 144172 first to call it out ("apple tree!"). Sincerepparttar 144173 Qs and Xes are difficult, they can be skipped. The person withrepparttar 144174 most "firsts," isrepparttar 144175 winner.

Educational Travel Games

These are car games that get you thinking, learning something, or at least showing off what you know. In one game,repparttar 144176 driver, or another designated host, asks questions like "At what temperature does water boil?" or "What isrepparttar 144177 Capital of Columbia?" or "If sales tax is 7.6%, what'srepparttar 144178 total cost of a sweater priced at $22?" If you wantrepparttar 144179 kids to love this one, pay twenty-five cents for each right answer.

Choosing A Home That Matches Your Lifestyle

Written by Lois A. Vitt

Your home may be your castle, but a big part of your housing decision-making is all about other people. Home is where most of us experience not onlyrepparttar intimate aspects of our personal development, but alsorepparttar 144132 most important social interactions that occur duringrepparttar 144133 course of our lives.

Do you enjoy living alone in solitude, rarely entertaining friends or family? Or do you enjoyrepparttar 144134 company of family and friends at home andrepparttar 144135 feeling that you are attached to a broader neighborhood or community? Either lifestyle is healthy and natural;repparttar 144136 challenge is to identify and honestly facerepparttar 144137 social needs your home will be expected to serve.

Some people have a strong need for peace and quiet at home. Others loverepparttar 144138 hustle and bustle of people around them,repparttar 144139 sounds of laughter and spontaneity. Whenrepparttar 144140 doorbell rings, do you sag momentarily atrepparttar 144141 possibility of being interrupted, or are you excited about who might be dropping by? Neither choice is superior torepparttar 144142 other.

The important point is to claim your true social identity and make your housing decisions, in part, in light of that identity. And, if you share your home with a partner or family members, it is critical, before makingrepparttar 144143 next housing decision, that everyone's social needs be uncovered and addressed with sensitivity.

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