The Best Time to Inspect - Part 2

Written by Wally Conway

Amazing as it may seem, homes inspected prior to going onrepparttar market have two very significant attributes:

1. They sell faster than homes not inspected untilrepparttar 100110 buyer has made an offer.

2. They sell closer torepparttar 100111 asking price than homes not inspected untilrepparttar 100112 buyer has made an offer.

Whyrepparttar 100113 heck does that happen?

Whenrepparttar 100114 buyer makes an offer, there is an assumption made byrepparttar 100115 buyer, reasonable or not, that there is nothing wrong withrepparttar 100116 home! If there was something wrong withrepparttar 100117 home thatrepparttar 100118 seller knew about, but did not disclose, shame on them, it is about to cost them money. Most often, though,repparttar 100119 items that come up onrepparttar 100120 inspection byrepparttar 100121 buyer were unknown torepparttar 100122 seller. Sur-prise, sur-prise, sur-prise! And we've already established that surprise is not good in real estate. So how is it thatrepparttar 100123 inspection forrepparttar 100124 seller makesrepparttar 100125 buyer pay more forrepparttar 100126 home and do it in less time?

Let us create an example of a 20-year-old home that has a fair market value of $100,000, just to makerepparttar 100127 math easy. That value assumes that nothing is wrong withrepparttar 100128 home. Whenrepparttar 100129 buyer hasrepparttar 100130 home inspected it is withrepparttar 100131 assumption that anything discovered to be wrong will be corrected byrepparttar 100132 seller or a price concession will be made.

Now, let's consider thatrepparttar 100133 buyers inspection revealedrepparttar 100134 need for a new roof, several plumbing leaks, andrepparttar 100135 need for replacement of three exterior doors. When these discoveries are made byrepparttar 100136 buyer's inspection,repparttar 100137 clock is running and running fast. These items need to be corrected beforerepparttar 100138 sale can be completed. This time crunch putsrepparttar 100139 seller at a disadvantage when dealing withrepparttar 100140 contractors. When time is critical, you have fewer choices andrepparttar 100141 costs go up. Additionally,repparttar 100142 buyer often wants to have input on who does what work.

Decorating with Table Fountains

Written by Johann Erickson

With unlimited possibilities available, table top fountains can add understated beauty or grandeur to any room in your house. Fountains are a worthy investment even for those who hesitate to spend money on aesthetics. Beyond eye-catching appeal, you'll find that fountains have practical health benefits.

Cascading water reduces stress by bringing a sense of tranquility into a room as it engagesrepparttar senses—sight, sound, and even smell. Research has shown that moving water can improve air quality by cleansingrepparttar 100109 room of dust particles and working as a humidifier. Fountains also dorepparttar 100110 following:

  • Table Top Fountains sootherepparttar 100111 soul with natural outdoor sounds.
  • Table Top Fountains offer a visually appealing focal point to a family room or home work space.
  • Table Top Fountains filter sounds like computer noise, a refrigerator hum, or next room telephone conversations.
  • Table Top Fountains provide aromatherapy when candlelight is included inrepparttar 100112 design.
Options include table fountains, floor fountains and wall water fountains. You can find a table top fountain to compliment your current decorative choices. Far more interesting than a table lamp and more appealing than a decorative candle holder, these conveniently sized fountains eliminaterepparttar 100113 mundane. Easy to set up and even easier to maintain, space saving compact designs come in layered slate, granite sculpture, handcrafted wood, or any other material you desire.

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