The Best Places To Distribute Your Articles

Written by Terence Tan

If you've spent any time online trying to promote your website or business, you must have very likely realised that one ofrepparttar most effective ways to generate tons of free targetted web traffic on a long term basis is to write your own informative articles and freely distribute them to other webmasters and ezine publishers for their use.

Some ofrepparttar 134271 benefits of this amazing strategy include:

-it's totally FREE and gets links to your website distributed to a huge number of other related websites on a permanent basis... need to pay forrepparttar 134272 links... need to give a return link on your own website to other sites...

-The presence of your links in many other websites also directly increases your Google PageRank and increasesrepparttar 134273 targetted free traffic you get from search engines!

-When people see your name and website/company inrepparttar 134274 bylines ofrepparttar 134275 articles on different sites, you will naturally be thought of as an "expert" in that field...This increases your credibility and makes it more likely that your visitors will take your recommendations to them more seriously.

The purpose of this article is to seek to create a comprehensive list of places where writers can submit their articles for distribution... By creating this list based onrepparttar 134276 contributions and "tip offs" ofrepparttar 134277 visitors to, we hope to save yourepparttar 134278 large amounts of time searchingrepparttar 134279 web for websites and article announcement services (yes, you can try to use google to search for "article submission sites" but you will waste precious time going through a lot of unrelated websites) .

If you find this page useful, please bookmark it...and use it whenever you have new articles to distribute...we will continue to update it withrepparttar 134280 latest links as we get "tip offs" from our visitors.

If you have any links to suggest to us, please let us know usingrepparttar 134281 "Contact Us" page on

If you would like to reproduce this article and link resource in your website/ezine to increase your website's "stickability", please feel free to do so. (because ofrepparttar 134282 convenience of finding allrepparttar 134283 possible submission sites on one page,many writers will bookmark your site if you have this resource on it...Go Ahead...Bookmark this page NOW!) Please reproducerepparttar 134284 whole article including any reference to though.

How To Use Viral Marketing Tools To Explode Your Ezine List!

Written by Bret Forster


How To Use Viral Marketing Tools To Explode Your Ezine Subscriber List!

By Bret Forster /


I’m sure that most online marketers agree that successful online businesses revolve around a large list of hungry subscribers. In today’s Internet business environment, if you aren’t reminding people you still exist your business will stagnate and die!

So how do you let both potential and current subscribers know that you still exist? I believe that Viral Marketing Techniques and Tools arerepparttar key to your future dreams of a profit filled future.

The correct use of Viral Marketing has lead to huge online businesses! Everyone has heard ofrepparttar 134270 Hotmail example. That one little snippet, “Get your free email at”, on every outbound email lead to 12 million subscribers in 1.5 years! What’s even more amazing is that Hotmail reportedly spent less than $500,000 on marketing and promotion!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. How is this going to help me? Don’t worry, I’ll explain inrepparttar 134271 rest of this informative article. :o)

I believe your entire online marketing success depends on your ability to gain new ezine subscribers to your own opt-in only ezine or newsletter list.

A Huge list of ezine subscribers = A Huge explosion of online business profits!

This isrepparttar 134272 basic formula for ezine subscriber list success.

The easiest way to grow your ezine subscriber list is by using viral marketing tools.

In other words, if you give away free eBooks and e-Reports, they should be Viral in nature.

Here's a basic viral example:

Let's suppose that you have an opt-in ezine list related to eBook Marketing. Your subscribers are most likely looking for eBook writing and marketing tips.

You could offer them a free eBook on “How to Submit Your eBook torepparttar 134273 Best eBook Directories onrepparttar 134274 Internet!” On each page ofrepparttar 134275 eBook, add a highly visible website link to your ezine’s subscribe webpage. Here's an example ad and link I’ve used for my Profits Explosion Ezine:

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