The Best Kept Secret on the Internet

Written by Romel Wallace

Copyright 2005 Romel Wallace

What isrepparttar Best Kept Secret onrepparttar 149261 Internet?

This is a very good question. It really isn't a secret at all.

Many people just really don't realizerepparttar 149262 power ofrepparttar 149263 Internet. It is one ofrepparttar 149264 most powerful marketing mediums today. The real power behind it isrepparttar 149265 ability to contact so many people oncerepparttar 149266 system you have in place is set up.

By system, I mean web sites, autoresponders, email campaigns, etc. that you set up to create a desired result. In obtaining your desired result, someone would sign up for a free ezine, free report, or free ebook.

Of course, this is forrepparttar 149267 purpose of capturing an e-mail address. The reason for this is very simple. All marketers that are having positive results know thatrepparttar 149268 key is inrepparttar 149269 follow-up.

Why Has A Work At Home Paradigm Shift Occurred?

Written by Dean Shainin

Copyright 2005 Dean Shainin

Now, more than ever, we are seeing a new revolution of people starting their own work at home Internet business.

Why are so many people leaving full time jobs, (just over broke) and starting a work at home Internet business?

Just take a look atrepparttar news. With down-sizing and corporate lay-offs, people realize they do not have a secure job when they see a co-worker of 25 years shaking their hand good-bye.

Another reason, is high speed Internet access and marketing tools that were not available just 5 years ago. To start your own work at home Internet business, you would have to spend a fortune.

Now we have email, autoresponders, search engines, websites, affiliate programs, marketing experts, all of which are now free and instantly available.

Think about this for a moment. Five years ago, starting a work at home Internet business would cost at least a few thousand dollars. Now you can start a home business onrepparttar 149260 Internet for under one hundred dollars.

A (brick and mortar) or traditional business that I owned inrepparttar 149261 year 2000 cost thousands per month for rent, employees, insurance and inventory.

Another factor is job dissatisfaction. Part of this paradigm shift is that people want to own their own life. They don't likerepparttar 149262 idea of being just another number forrepparttar 149263 bottom line of a big corporation or company.

Here isrepparttar 149264 BIG one. The Information Age. Instant access to anything you want within seconds using search engines. No more waiting days or weeks for information on starting a work at home Internet business. Within seconds you can find anything. Yes, anything!

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