The Best Age For a Disney Vacation

Written by Jolana Klobouk

Grappling withrepparttar idea of takingrepparttar 142438 kids on a Disney vacation? Are you not sure if they are too young and will just be overwhelmed or too old and will be bored? Well, I will let you in on a secret;repparttar 142439 best age to takerepparttar 142440 kids on Disney Vacation is............whatever age they happen to be! We first took our son when he was two and he loved it as did our neighbour’s teenagers, butrepparttar 142441 trip will be smoother if you follow a few simple guidelines:

Keep their ages foremost in mind….

Choose rides and activities that are age appropriate, your toddler will not appreciaterepparttar 142442 Tower of Terror and your teenagers will want to pluck out their fingernails on It’s a Small World. If you are traveling with children of wide age ranges, then a compromise will be in order. Some options are to split up, do alternate half days or make it clear that if they do this for two hours, will then do that. Find other ways to keep them amused if they are out of their element, younger kids may nap in line ups, older kids might be amused with their Game Boys etc.

Balance out your days...

The youngerrepparttar 142443 children,repparttar 142444 less you will be able to pack into one day. Try not to do it all at once. Let you family pick and chooserepparttar 142445 rides and events they really, really want and focus on those. A day atrepparttar 142446 parks can be followed by a day at a water park or relaxing byrepparttar 142447 hotel pool.

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