The Benefits of One Day Hiking Trips

Written by Monica Marty

Do you like to take one day hiking trips? Do you want to take hiking trips on trails near your home? One day hiking trips have a number of advantages. They are great forrepparttar recreational hiker. Minimal hiking gear is required and you can take pleasure inrepparttar 148460 fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Short day hikes are also a beneficial form of exercise. You can control your speed and terrain elevation. One day you can focus on endurance over flat trails while another day can be spent sprinting and climbing up steeper terrain.

One day hikes commonly take place on easily accessible trails in your area. Therefore, you can discover hidden nature treasures that are in your backyard. You can venture out for a day of leisurely or extreme hiking. Instead of setting up camp forrepparttar 148461 night, you can return torepparttar 148462 comforts of your own home.

What hiking gear is necessary for a one day trip? It depends onrepparttar 148463 weather, terrain, and experience level ofrepparttar 148464 hikers. However, there is basic hiking equipment that you will need. When choosing a hiking backpack, opt for a smaller pack. You donít want to spend your day trip lugging around a heavy backpack. It is a good idea to bring extra clothes in case your clothes become wet orrepparttar 148465 weather gets cooler. The key is to dress in layers.

It is vital to keep well hydrated, especially inrepparttar 148466 hot summer months. Avoidrepparttar 148467 intense heat ofrepparttar 148468 afternoon sun. One gallon of water per person is recommended. A sports drink such as Gatorade is also an option. Steer clear of sodas and alcohol. These drinks are diuretics and will dehydrate your body. Bring snacks that have substantial good carbohydrates and protein such as nuts and granola. Protein rich fitness bars are also a practical option. Bring extra food just in case you spend a longer time onrepparttar 148469 hiking trail then expected.

Gambling Isnít the Only Thing to do in Las Vegas

Written by Monica Marty

Do you thinkrepparttar only thing to do in Las Vegas is gamble? Would you believe that there are a multitude of great hiking trails in a place where all-you-can-eat casino buffets are par forrepparttar 148459 course? Southern Nevada is chock full of great hiking trails ready to be discovered. Hiking areas near Las Vegas include: Red Rock, Mt. Charleston, Lake Mead, andrepparttar 148460 Eastern Sierra. These hiking trails are interspersed between canyons, mountains, chutes, and gullies.

Red Rock: Red Rock is located 20 miles west of Las Vegas. The hiking trails range between 1-12 miles and can accommodate hikers of any skill level. Camping is available. Currently, it costs $5 per car and $20 for a yearly pass.

Mt. Charleston: Mt. Charleston is 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas. It is filled with mountainous terrain. Mt. Charleston has summer temperatures that are nearly 30 degrees cooler then Las Vegas. The hiking trails range from 1-20 miles and will bode well for beginning to advanced hikers. Currently, it costs $6 per car.

Lake Mead: Lake Mead is 20 miles east of Las Vegas. Lake Mead is an easy hike. It is generally 10 degrees warmer than Las Vegas. Therefore, consider hiking Lake Mead duringrepparttar 148461 winter months. There are hot springs and eye-catching rock formations to admire while hiking around Lake Mead. The hiking trails are 1-15 miles long. Currently, it costs $5 for certain hikes.

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