The Benefits of Green Tea

Written by Will Shaw

So you want to know aboutrepparttar health benefits of green tea? Well, where shall I begin? There has been a great deal of research carried out inrepparttar 125436 last few years about green tea health benefits andrepparttar 125437 findings are very exciting.

It is a well known fact that antioxidants are essential for a healthy body. They help to fight against free radicals. "What are they?", you may ask. Free radicals are by-products produced by oxygen inrepparttar 125438 body and they can lead to immune system deficiency, heart problems and can even lead to cancer.

Green Tea contains antioxidants; it contains a lot of them. In particular it contains one very powerful antioxidant called EGCG or epigallocatechin-gallate. EGCG is one ofrepparttar 125439 catechins and research has found it to contain far more antioxidant properties than both vitamin E and vitamin C. The special process by which green tea is made allows much more ofrepparttar 125440 health giving EGCG to remain inrepparttar 125441 tea.

It has also been shown in research that EGCG can actually slowrepparttar 125442 growth of and kill cancer cells. In fact there have been several studies from aroundrepparttar 125443 world which point to green teas anti-cancer properties.

Wow! It's already a great story for green tea health benefits.

Butrepparttar 125444 health benefits of green tea don't end there.

Green Tea also contains tannins which have a calming effect onrepparttar 125445 nerves. Tannins are polyphenols and they occur in many natural substances such as fruit and chocolate. Tannins add color and flavor torepparttar 125446 tea and are particularly well known in wine circles for their appearance in red wine. It is thought a high amount of tannins is not good forrepparttar 125447 body, butrepparttar 125448 good news is that green tea has a much lower level of tannins than black tea.

Tea Brewing and Storage Tips

Written by Will Shaw

If you want to getrepparttar best from your tea then it's important to follow a few basic tips. For every day tea drinking I think it's not really necessary to worry too much about exact preparation but it sure helps you to make a more tasty brew. If you like to buy expensive teas then it's definitely worthwhile followingrepparttar 125435 recommendations.

The first thing to consider is storage. If you buy good tea then you will want to look after it well. Although if you're anything like me it won't last too long! I tend to drink good tea fast. Storing tea is relatively simple; it needs to be in an airtight container and out of direct sunlight. So preferably in a wooden, metal, glass or ceramic container. Make surerepparttar 125436 container is fully airtight. Obviouslyrepparttar 125437 tea needs to be kept dry and it can also be affected by strong odors and heat.

When brewing tearepparttar 125438 next thing to consider isrepparttar 125439 water. For most people general tea consumption will occur using water fromrepparttar 125440 tap. This can be a problem in areas where there is excessive chemicals inrepparttar 125441 water. So if you wish to use tap water it's definitely better to filter it. The small kitchen filters available from companies such as Brita and Kenwood do a pretty good job. More expensive filtration systems can also be purchased if desired.

So forrepparttar 125442 best brew use freshly drawn filtered tap water or bottled spring water. Do not use distilled water asrepparttar 125443 minerals have been taken out which affectsrepparttar 125444 taste. The water should be boiled then allowed to cool torepparttar 125445 correct temperature forrepparttar 125446 type of tea you are brewing.

The temperature ofrepparttar 125447 water can really affectrepparttar 125448 taste ofrepparttar 125449 tea so following repparttar 125450 guidelines forrepparttar 125451 tea you have purchased will help you to getrepparttar 125452 best from your brew. You can experiment with different temperatures to see if you can noticerepparttar 125453 difference inrepparttar 125454 taste.

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