The Benefits of Freewriting

Written by David Hoss

It's 2 am and you're sitting at your desk, no ideas and no thoughts. The cup of coffee to your side isrepparttar sixth. But still,repparttar 135519 same blank sheet of paper from an hour ago taunts you, there is nothing to show for your effort but a back cramp and a feeling of inferiority.

We've all faced it. The loss of ideas andrepparttar 135520 lack of drive. When we are left wondering why we can't seem to findrepparttar 135521 right words.

Perhaps what you need is to simply forget about structure and findingrepparttar 135522 right words.

Why not take a break fromrepparttar 135523 tedium and freewrite?

The Benefits of Freewriting.

"If writing was dinner, then freewriting would have to be dessert."

It only takes a few minutes a day, but there are many benefits to be gleaned from freewriting exercises.

Freewriting promotes activity. It keepsrepparttar 135524 writer sharp and in control of his writings. Practicing freewriting everyday is one ofrepparttar 135525 best preventions against writer's block and boredom inrepparttar 135526 writing process.

Freewriting allows you to stop thinking and make mistakes without judgement. When you freewrite, you allow yourself to be a little kid, able to misspell and be imperfect.

Freewriting gives usrepparttar 135527 freedom to be ourselves with all our faults. As authors, above all else we need freedom. Freedom to write as we please. Sometimes we even need freedom from ourselves. Freewriting allows us to gain that. It allows us to detach from our worries and our mistakes, from our problems and from our concerns. All that is left isrepparttar 135528 words, with all their imperfections.

Freewriting is a good form of brainstorming. When you freewrite, you are actually performing a type of brainstorming. Freewriting can kickstartrepparttar 135529 mental process and bring new ideas and new concepts torepparttar 135530 forefront. It brings new life to a tired mind that has focused so much on a topic that it clams up and can no longer create new ideas on that topic.

Writing Articles for Free and or Paid + Websites to Submit your Writing

Written by Laura Hickey

When starting out inrepparttar article writing business many feel one sided. Some say that writing for free will gain you great publicity while others prefer only to be paid for their articles. But if you're just starting out you may be confused as to which way isrepparttar 135211 best or perhaps doing both would benefit you. Free Article Writing- If you write free articles and submit them to free article directories you have a good chance of them being picked up and published on several websites. If you include your website address inrepparttar 135212 "Aboutrepparttar 135213 Author" section this could bring you a good amount of hits, but not always. You may start getting requests from newsletter and e-zines editors that want to make sure they can use your article. This could lead to great exposure for your work. Below is a list of places you can list your free article for others to use. Webmasters, Editors, etc...using your work cannot change your article in any shape or form but by submitting to these websites, you allow others to publish your work on their website. You may be published on a website that you don't like, many haven't had this be a problem but there's a chance. Paid Article Writing- For some this is a full time job and for others a little extra earned money onrepparttar 135214 side. Some look at those who have been paid for their work as officially published writers. It adds

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