The Benefits of Employing Your Children

Written by Collin Almeida

The Benefits of Employing Your Children

by Collin Almeida

How many times a week do you hear, "Mom, I need a new pair of shoes!" or "Dad, can I have money to go to a movie?" Not to mentionrepparttar cost of school supplies, braces, and college tuition that haunt every parent. If you're likerepparttar 117351 average parent, you probably spend several thousand dollars a year providing for allrepparttar 117352 needs and wants of your children. But unlike most Americans, if you are a home-based business owner, you can make those thousands work for you.

The IRS allows you to hire your school-age children as part- time employees for your business. Then, you pay them a reasonable salary for their work that is then used to cover all their expenses. And their salary is completely tax deductible. Plus, as employees, their medical expenses can also count as tax deductions.

For example, if you have two children, one age 10 and another age 17, you can officially and legally hire them to work for you. Perhapsrepparttar 117353 ten year old can clean up your home office or sort mail whilerepparttar 117354 older child could answer phones, handle filing, or type correspondence. No matter what responsibilities you elect for your offspring, make sure to prepare a formal employment agreement between you, as business owner, and your child. Make sure your agreement includes a list of duties,repparttar 117355 compensation arrangement, and any special details you want to have in writing. In addition torepparttar 117356 official agreement, you can create a job title and description for your new "employee". Not only will this help to audit-proofrepparttar 117357 deduction, it will also clearly spell out for your child what his or her responsibilities are.

There are some restrictions, however. For instance,repparttar 117358 child's yearly income (according to 2001 tax regulations) can be no more than $4550. Additionally,repparttar 117359 pay rate must be comparable to similar services offered by professionals. If you are paying your child for vacuuming or dusting, you should contact cleaning services in your area for a written estimate and base his or her wage accordingly. Also,repparttar 117360 child must maintain a record of his or her work. The log must includerepparttar 117361 date, type of work, time worked, and hourly rate. The last restriction is thatrepparttar 117362 child must be paid what he or she earns. So you will need to open separate checking accounts forrepparttar 117363 children in which to deposit their salaries. Allrepparttar 117364 expenses then can be covered from that account, including entertainment, clothes, school expenses, or even a car or college tuition.

Profit From On-line Self-Surveys

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Which subject do you think people are most interested in? a) money, b) movie stars c) themselves. If you answered c, give yourself five points and move on to an interesting Web business opportunity: on-line self-surveys.

People love to learn about themselves by taking those little self-surveys found in magazines. Here are some possible survey topics:

- Marital happiness - Romantic relationships - Likely success in business - Likely success in career - Healthy lifestyle

There are many more possible topic areas like creativity, child rearing, and negotiating.

Your Web site provides these surveys andrepparttar 117352 results ofrepparttar 117353 surveys on-line for free. You make money with back-end products. Here are some possible back-end products:

- Self-help books or ebooks - Training materials - Topic related newsletters - More in-depth self analysis - Personal coaching

After taking a survey, many people will learn that they could use a little improvement in that area, resulting inrepparttar 117354 purchase of these back-end products. The interesting thing is thatrepparttar 117355 people who receive positive results will also purchase some of these back-end products. People love to learn that they are good at something and this motivates them to further develop that area.

The nice thing about surveys is - after an individual receives their results, they develop an insatiable curiosity about how their mate or best friend would score onrepparttar 117356 same test. This results in a flow of referrals to your web site.

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