The Benefits of Coaching

Written by Peggy Porter

Copyright 2005 Peggy Porter

When I was first introduced torepparttar profession of personal coaching, my first initial thought was that it sounded exactly like something I would love to pursue. I did further investigation intorepparttar 136009 profession and before I knew it I was happily enrolled inrepparttar 136010 Coach Training Program offered through Coach U University in Colorado, USA. The more coaches I met through this program andrepparttar 136011 more individuals I personally coached,repparttar 136012 more benefits I saw from having a coach. Until recently however, I was not fully aware ofrepparttar 136013 impact that having a personal coach can have in your life. When I hired my own coach, only then did I realize how quickly an individual can move forward towards their life goals. When I hired my coach back in July, writing a self help book for Moms was only a dream. Withrepparttar 136014 support, motivation, knowledge and accountability that my coach provided, I was able to write, self publish and begin to market my book, all within a five month period.

Barriers to Self Care

Written by Peggy Porter

Copyright 2005 Peggy Porter

For many women,repparttar term self-care often becomes a foreign concept once motherhood occurs. Why?

I believe there are several key reasons why mothers find it difficult to take better care of themselves:

Time - One ofrepparttar 135863 major barriers to self-care isrepparttar 135864 feeling that there’s just not enough time. Going from leisurely lunches with friends (beforerepparttar 135865 days of motherhood), to sleepless nights, packed lunches and car pooling, is a huge adjustment. Often we are left feeling stretched for time.

Multiple Role Players - In today’s society, moms play multiple roles - everything from career professional, soccer mom and committee volunteer, to chauffeur and housekeeper. How can we find time for ourselves while juggling all these roles?

Guilt – Feelings of guilt play a huge part in why mothers spend little time taking care of themselves. Guilt can be associated with being away from our family due to work commitments, taking an hour to ourselves when there already seems to be so much to do, or by just trying to do something that is important to us and does not involverepparttar 135866 family.

As moms, we believe that by being away from our kids, or not involving them in virtually everything we do, we are somehow not living up to our duties and responsibilities.

Perfectionism - The need for perfection in our lives is another barrier to self-care. Perfectionists are always seeking that ultimate feeling of having everything under their control, often not doing (or enjoying) anything unless it can be done perfectly.

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