The Beginners Guide to Writing Classified Ads

Written by Keegan Michaels

One ofrepparttar best ways to get your business noticed is through classified ads. These arerepparttar 101162 short, simple, ads you see onrepparttar 101163 back pages of newsletters and betweenrepparttar 101164 articles in ezines. They are usually cheap, sometimes even free, and easily accessible. There are countless web sites, newsletters and ezines that accept and print classified ads, and hence thousands of people you can reach through this simple method of advertising.

You can't just write anything though. Just like any other business ad or sales letter, your copy must be well thought out to be effective. The trick to writing classified ads that really sell, is to state all your essential information with just a few choice words.

To ensure that your ad will be read and responded to, follow these steps:

1. Write a rough draft firsts using complete sentences, saying absolutely everything you want to say, then start cutting. Take out any non-essential words. Use action words and short phrases. Eliminate anything that's even slightly repetitive.

Long Copy Works Better - Or Is It Short Copy?

Written by Karon Thackston

Ahhh! The never-ending battle. I'm sure you've heard both statements made with passion. Those that believe you must walk your customer through each and every benefit preach, "Long copy sells better!" Proponents of this copywriting method say customers need to be "lead" or "teased" into readingrepparttar next paragraph andrepparttar 101161 next. Finally, when you have them drooling, you revealrepparttar 101162 punch line.

Onrepparttar 101163 other hand, advocates of short copy state that consumers today have extremely short attention spans. Copy that's "to-the-point" is a necessity in order to make a sale at all. According to these experts,repparttar 101164 long, drawn-out copy gets tossed right outrepparttar 101165 window by busy, impatient readers. Feed it to them fast or you'll lose them torepparttar 101166 competition. So exactly who's right? They both are!

No, I'm not being politically correct and I'm not avoiding repparttar 101167 issue. The honest truth is that all people inrepparttar 101168 world do not communicate inrepparttar 101169 same way. Due to this fact, no one copywriting approach will work with every single product or service. As with every other aspect of advertising, you must look to your target audience forrepparttar 101170 answer.

I've used this analogy for years... when you begin to write a letter you do not sit down and write then decide who you will mailrepparttar 101171 letter to. Before you put pen to paper you know who repparttar 101172 recipient ofrepparttar 101173 message will be. You know their communication style and how to best phraserepparttar 101174 information so it will be well received. The same applies to copywriting.

Let's say, just as an example, that your target audience consists of small business owners. These business owners happen to all be Certified Public Accountants. Just from this tiny bit of information I can tell yourepparttar 101175 target group is extremely busy, is very detail oriented and has a bottom line mentality. These people are generally analytical thinkers. Based on these facts, I would not write copy to this target audience in long form. Why? It would most likely not be read.

The group above communicates in short, precise bursts. They are looking forrepparttar 101176 bottom line first and an explanation afterwards. The most effective way to getrepparttar 101177 attention of this group (in writing) is to keep it short, sweet and to repparttar 101178 point. Otherwise you will lose them in what they consider to be a "bunch of fluff". These folks are definitely members ofrepparttar 101179 short copy group.

So who belongs torepparttar 101180 long copy group? People making an investment for one. I don't mean an investment inrepparttar 101181 stock market (so to speak). I'm talking about people who are going to make a large investment of time or money in anything. People who are thinking of joining an affiliate program or multilevel marketing program would be receptive to long form copy. Those who are going to invest many hours in a self-help process would appreciate long copy. Let me explain.

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